This week’s yoga and astral insights

Dear yogis and yoginis,

This post comes a bit late this week, apologies – we can thank Mercury retrograde for thatas e-mails have been playing up this week and causing mayhem in communications. Yay! Thank god there is yoga tomorrow so we can ‘let go’, be present and start the weekend centred and grounded 🙂

This week’s classes are as follows:

Saturday –
10-11am Complete Beginners Course (1/5)
11am-12.15pm – Open Level
Both classes at Upper Hocking Hall (WPCA)

Wednesday –
7.00-8.15pm – Open level
Upper Hocking Hall (WPCA)

Thursday –
10am-11.15 – Open Level
Goldendoor studio

Screen Shot 2019-02-22 at 10.46.18

Astral insights for this week:

Acceptance and compassion,
For myself and every other,
Will stop the offence and soothe the defense,
So that we can come together.

At this point we need to move forward “knowing that everyone alive on this planet is wounded without exception and we all act from these wounds. Better to heal the wounds as the source than the actions as the results.” Keep your hearts open and practice compassion. Very wise words from Tom Lescher.   Always grateful for his guidance!

You can watch the whole report here:


I look forward to seeing you on the mat very soon!

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