This week’s yoga and astral insights :)


Dear yogis and yoginis,

Coming up to the Spring Equinox and also to the mid-point of the Mercury retrograde period which ends on March 28th. During the first part of a Mercury retrograde we step back and it is a time for reflection. That brings us, on the second part of it, to some sort of clarity, a new way of seeing an issue / challenge which will shift energies and help us solve a situation.

This year we have a full moon supermoon in 0 degrees Libra illuminating the Spring Equinox, which is a pretty awesome alignment!

This will be the first out of two full moons in Libra – this sign rules balance in relationships. Libra is an air, masculine sign and this full moon during a Mercury retrograde will help give our important relationships a new lease of life, a great opportunity for healing. How? By having a chance of reflecting before said full moon and getting that clarity in what really matters to us, seeing things on a different light, which will assist us in communication after a well needed pause. Turning ourselves inside out in order to work together!

This week the sun is in Pisces which means our boundaries, walls and even immune systems are down as we are psychically open in our hearts. It is important to be aware of where you are and what you expose yourself to as you will be absorbing more energies than normal. Starting our spring cleans at this time is a great idea – then we can build a beautiful new space for us to be creative as the Spring Equinox energies start to flow next week!

Very exciting times!

Yoga classes this week are a bit different:


+ Complete Beginners (3/5): 10-11am – please book with me as this class gets pretty full

+ Open Level: 11am-12.30pm
Please book with me and bring cash with whichever amount you wish to donate to make our community centre a better place – spread the word and tell your friends!


+ Spring Equinox Yoga and Sound Bath: 7.30-9.30 pm
+++This event will take place instead our regular yoga class on Wednesday. Booking required to attend. Early bird price of £17 on bookings before midnight March 15th (tomorrow!). In order to book please make payment here: paypal.me/staygoldyoga
After midnight tomorrow bookings will be at full price of £20+++


More in-depth astral insights with this week’s mantra by Kaypacha:

Like a snake shedding it’s skin,
I now leave behind,
The old person I used to be,
And prepare myself to shine.

Hurray to new beginnings!

You can watch the whole report here:
Pele report 13.03.2019

Enjoy and see you on the mat very soon!




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