No classes this Saturday (reminder) and astral insights for the week :)

Dear yogis and yoginis,

First, a quick reminder that there are no classes this Saturday as I am away on a training course – which I will share with you in its due time 🙂 Next class will be Wednesday April 3rd.

Last class for the Complete Beginners course will be next Saturday April 6th. Anyone interested in registering for the next Complete Beginners course please write to me asap – the course will keep rolling only if I get enough registrations, so get in touch!


It’s okay… It is time to tune into our inner children and find out if, maybe, we have been neglecting them lately. Or for a while. Or, like, for a long time… Kaypacha talks about nurturing our inner child in this week’s report as the planetary alignment, as he describes it, appears quite ‘hellish’. He talks about the wounded masculine needing healing – all suppressed warrior energy will come out as anger – we don’t want to be anywhere near that, but what if it’s happening around us, or even, inside us? If we have been ignoring this aspect of ourselves it is time now to look at it – as he says, ‘look at the devil in the eye’… and realise that all evil comes out of fear and all fear comes as a lack of love. It sounds too simple? It is that simple – it really is.

And we need to be reminded that for every obstacle on our way there’s a hidden lesson – I always compare life to a video game where you can ‘unlock’ levels and move forwards and up or you can just cruise and do the bare minimum to keep going. Choosing to ‘unlock’ those hidden messages or levels will enrich your life and that of those around you. Opening up to those mysteries that life brings and trusting that this we are experiencing right now is not an accident but part of a bigger plan – this is the secret to peace.
And yoga, of course!

Here’s the mantra for the week:

As the gates of hell are opened
Spilling forth its bile
I summon forth the light within
To protect the inner child.


You can watch the whole report here

Enjoy 🙂

Looking forward to seeing some of you on the mat next Wednesday!

Much 💚



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