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This week’s yoga and astral insights 030619

New moon in Gemini

Dear yogis and yoginis,

Happy new moon in Gemini! Gemini is ruled by Mercury, planet of communication, technology and travel. There’s a link with the throat chakra, Visshudha – our purification centre. Balancing Visshudha allows us to speak our truth. The sun is also in Gemini so it is a time for networking and generally going out and get things done!
New moons are great times to set intentions and yesterday’s opens a 6 month window – up to the full moon in Gemini, December 11th. So if we start working through those truths we need to communicate, first to ourselves before sharing them with loved ones, we start manifesting us in a place closer to our authenticity in 6 months time.
Remember how great the power of intention is and use it to create you life, right now!

Modern take on 10 swords tarot card – author unknown. It is spot on!

This week’s yoga

  • Monday 7pm, Beginners – Goldendoor studio
  • Tuesday 7pm, Intermediate – Goldendoor studio
  • Wednesday 7pm, Open Level – WPCA
  • Thursday 10am, Open Level – Goldendoor studio

There’ll be NO CLASS on Saturday or next Wednesday.

Next week I will be teaching at:

  • Thursday 10am Open Level – Goldendoor studio
  • Saturday 11am Open Level – Wild Yoga at Whittington Park

Astral insights

Here’s the mantra for the week:

I’m here to blend the colors of light,
With the dark from the depths below,
Creating a masterpiece of my life,
As I move and change and grow.

Focusing on finding and maintaining our balance while we are being pulled to extremes is no easy feat! The silver-lining here is that only until we know our darkest we can get to know our brightest and then find that balance between the two. We want to feel those polarities and feel whole – that Gemini energy we all have may show up these days! But we know how to handle this – following a daily yoga practice is one way to do this 🙂

Here’s the full pele report for you to watch.

Enjoy and see you on the mat very soon!

Much 💚

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