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New moon in Capricorn and total solar eclipse

New moon in Capricorn
and total solar eclipse

Dear yogis and yoginis,

Today we have a total solar eclipse and a new moon in Capricorn in the south node at 20.16 London time. Solar eclipses always happen in new moons as the moon blocks the entire surface of the sun.

As the Sun rules Leo and Leo rules the solar plexus, this is a great time to work on heart openers, not just in our yoga practice, but in our life experiences. This will allow us to ‘feel’ or ‘sense’ in our plexus, manipura, our inner sun, in order to raise our vibration.
What makes your heart race out of excitement, connection and pure bliss tingling all over? Yes, that is what you should be doing today! I just happen to be going to see one of my favourite bands tonight which I know for sure will raise my vibration and open my heart. In fact, just thinking about it is doing the job already! You can listen to them here.
Whatever it is you are doing, take it easy, the energy’s lower in new moons and these eclipses are powerful.

Eclipse season started June 3rd and will end on July 31st. Pay attention to what is happening around you and the people you meet. People we meet in eclipse season are key people, they will bring valuable lessons and/ or key information for us, especially if we meet them close or on the day of the eclipse.

Mercury went retrograde yesterday – those dreaded words! This is actually a good thing during eclipse season as we get a chance to quiet the monkey mind when all external communications go haywire. Take this opportunity to connect with your intuition and get some insights from the solar plexus and heart instead of the mind. Your gut ‘knows’ stuff your mind cannot even start to comprehend.

Leo energy is on the rise: yesterday Mercury went into Leo and today Mars also goes into Leo after not visiting its own sign for two years… We may be feeling the change but the change is not here yet. We may feel we have outgrown something in our life and even though we cannot see a way forward, or if we can, we still don’t know how we will get there; we are wanting this change right now! Yes, once more we are being tested… how much do we need / want this change? Are we ready to take responsibility for ourselves and what is coming? We still have a little while to ‘feel’ this as Leo season is not till August. Make yourself comfortable in the discomfort. Tune inwards for the whole month of July. Mercury goes direct July 31st, which is also the end of this eclipse season. Take your time and wait for papa Lion energy roaring out in a month’s time, propelling us forwards after a good break for reflection.

This eclipse follows up last year’s eclipse around this time… what decisions / changes did you take / do around this time last year? Remember eclipses happen in the moon nodes and nodes are linked with our soul contracts. We find eclipses uncomfortable because they bring in huge changes, changes that will affect our future – eclipses drag us to our life purpose not looking at our 3D wants or needs. This may seem chaotic and impossible, but remember that what we can see and feel in 3D is about 1% of what is actually happen. The Universe’s got your back! Flow with the changes and allow your heart to grow.

Much 💛

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