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This week’s yoga

The only way to break a pattern is through change – it seems so simple, doesn’t it?

Step #1 is to recognise said pattern… how are the eclipses treating you so far? Now is a good time to pay attention to your dreams and other synchronicities that may come your way ✨

On top of it being eclipse season, we have 5 planets on retrograde: Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto and Neptune… Seeing where these planets are in your chart will give you some insights on how this may affect you.

Undeniably there are strong energies affecting us at the moment. It may feel uncomfortable and that is okay… Through our practice we learn to be okay through big changes, by releasing the old (patterns) perhaps physically first, making space and opening up to receive the new.

This week’s yoga:

– Monday 7pm, beginners Goldendoor Studio

– Wednesday 7pm, Open Level Whittington Park Community Association

– Saturday 11am, Open Level Whittington Park – this is an outdoor class

For more info and bookings get in touch with me here 🙂

Much 💛

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