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All classes canceled this week

Dear yogis and yoginis,

Well I started the year being a sick cat – happy 2020 y’all!

Sadly that means there’ll be no classes running this week as I am not well enough to teach. Classes will resume on Monday January 13th – one day after one of the biggest astrological alignments in 2020, a Saturn – Pluto conjunction… This is big, not only because it only happens about once every 34 years, but also because of the nature of these two planets: Saturn is the planet of law and order and Pluto is the planet of death and transformation, pulling out from its deep roots whatever has to go in order to help you grow. Growing pains? Pluto’s fault! So with these two planets conjunct just after the full moon (plus solar eclipse! on the 10th) hold on tight and pay attention to what is going on – somethings may just blow up out of seemingly nowhere. Be ready for the possible challenges coming your way. This is why I am taking the week off. Really. 🤞

Out and over for now – hope you keep up with the yoga this week!

Much 🖤

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