This week’s yoga and astral insights

Waxing crescent moon image by Juri Pozzi

Dear yogis and yoginis,

It has certainly been an interesting week with so much planetary action going on, including the new moon in Aquarius last Friday. This week brings a beautiful waxing crescent moon, a great time to launch new projects and try new things! This coincides with the celebrations of the Chinese New Year of the Metal Rat – which, in my mind looks something like this… 😅

This week Venus joins Neptune in Pisces (today!) which makes the heart swell – perhaps opening up a new romantic love or increasing compassion towards that special one. Venus in Neptune may tend to over-romanticise things, as Neptune is the planet of magic and dreams. Tomorrow Tuesday may be a low energy day as Mars squares Neptune. Mars is the planet of action, yang planet! and a square in Neptune can also mean low immune function, so it’s recommended to get enough rest and avoid alcohol, stress and anything which may compromise the immune system.

A square between the Aquarius sun and Taurus moon at the weekend may bring a brief tug between freedom (Aquarius) and security (Taurus).

This week’s yoga

Bujhangasana, cobra pose, opens the heart and the lungs, stretching the front body and strengthens the back muscles

7:30pm – Level 1 Beginners Yoga

7pm – Level 2 Improvers Yoga

8:30am – Pranayama and Meditation
10am – Community Yoga

9:30am – Complete Beginners (week 1/5)
11am – Open Level Yoga

You can book your classes here.

Complete Beginners 5 week course starts this Saturday

The perfect introduction into yoga: throughout these 5 weeks we will explore the basic foundations of yoga in a safe and friendly environment at the beautiful Glass House studio.
Classes are small, up to 6 students to maximise learning experience. Due to the limited amount of spaces in these classes booking early is highly recommended.
You can book for this course here.

I wish you a wonderful week of bright new beginnings and loving energy – remember to rest on Tuesday 😎 – and I look forward to seeing you on the mat soon!

Much 🖤

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