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This week’s yoga and astral insights 17.02.19

Dear yogis and yoginis,

February is quite literally turning to be an ‘air and water’ (Aquarius and Pisces) month, two different storms in two weeks! – though I do love the peace and quiet after the storm… aaaah bliss ✨

This week ends with a new moon in Pisces, on Sunday. Tomorrow Tuesday the Sun also enters Pisces, enhancing this sign’s dual energy – sun / moon, yin / yang, masculine / feminine. Mars in Capricorn will be trining Uranus this Friday which could bring a sudden strong surge of physical energy which may be hard to control. It is important to focus on channeling this energy and pour it into creative endeavours and goal settings for the new lunar month, though it may feel like a challenge!

This is where Thursday’s Black Moon Restorative and Yoga Nidra workshop comes in to help! These monthly workshops fall on the days just before the new moon, a period called ‘blackmooning’ – as we can see no moon in the sky. These days are great for resting, resetting the nervous system, tuning inwards and allowing your heart to talk to you – while being ready to listen and receive. This is the yin part of the lunar cycle, as we prepare ourselves for when the energy starts to increase during the following two weeks leading up to the full moon. You can read more about Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra here.
Last month’s event was full, so make sure you book in advance here.

This new moon in Pisces is mega special so don’t be afraid to dream big and go wild with your plans and goal setting. The strong Pisces energy teamed with the Mars – Capricorn trine with Uranus is a match ‘made in heaven’ to help manifest the most amazing ideas, so let your imagination flow free!

This week’s yoga:

7:30pm – Level 1 Beginners Yoga

7pm – Level 2 Improvers Yoga

8:30am – Pranayama and Meditation
10am – Community Yoga

7pm – Black Moon Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra workshop

9:30am – Complete Beginners (week 4/5)
11am – Open Level Yoga

You can book your classes  here.

I wish you the most amazing week!

Much 💙

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