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This week’s yoga and astral insights


Dear yogis and yoginis,

Mars is the warrior planet, full of yang (male) energy – the kind of energy which attacks when feeling under threat and that sparks anything into action. When this kind of energy gets stuck we are prone to anger outbursts, physical accidents and, in worst case scenario, violence. This is exactly the kind of energy going last week as Mars started going retrograde last Wednesday. When a planet starts going retrograde it is stationary for a few days first – so the energy that planet holds, in this case Mars, becomes stagnant.

I have experienced this energy full on as I injured my back sawing wood to make a fire (Mars in its element) last Monday evening. My power was stronger than my body could hold at that time, which lead with very unhappy back muscles and a trip to hospital as my back went into spasm. So, yup, I experienced stationary Mars in my bones (or may I say muscles) and I am, thankfully, slowly on the mend.

The advice with this kind of energy is to not overexert yourself (easier said than done), try not to snap but breathe and calm down before you react to whatever may be triggering you (and there may be lots of triggers as Mars rules Aries which is the ‘I am’ sign of the zodiac) and, very important, do not make any key decisions until Mars goes direct in November as you may well regret them.

This week’s yoga

I will be sending pre-recorded yoga classes so you don’t miss in your practice this week, you just need to book your class as usual and I will send all the links half an hour before class time, so you have time to get ready.

7pm – Yoga Level 1 Beginners (Zoom)

7pm – Yoga Level 2 Improvers (Zoom)

10am – Wild Yoga (to be confirmed – I will send an email the night before to confirm whether the class can go on)

1pm – Lunch time Yoga (Zoom)

7pm – Moon (Slow) Flow Yoga (Zoom)

10 am – Wild Yoga (to be confirmed – I will send an email the night before to confirm whether the class can go on)

I wish you a wonderful sunny week and I apologise for not being able to teach you live for a few days. I am still here, so please message me with any concerns 🙂

I look forward to seeing you on the mat very soon!

Much 💛

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