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This week’s yoga and astral insight’s 30.11.20

This week starts with a blast, a full moon in Gemini with a penumbral eclipse today, opening eclipse season.
The energy is usually high around the full moon, which affects us in different ways. Some may feel drained and ‘burn out’, perhaps overdid it; some may be riding the energy wave high up and are able to keep going… How are you feeling tonight?

This eclipse happens in the north node of the moon, so we have let go of something already and this is a time to move forward. We are given the chance to see a new point of view, a different perspective on something we’ve been pondering since last May, with the new moon in Gemini. This eclipse is bringing us clarity after a moment of darkness. We may not notice this today or tomorrow, but at any point until around January 30th 2021.

North node eclipses bring us choices and opportunities. Tonight we are given the choice to tune into our inner knowing, the part of us which knows that we are the ones creating our own realities.

We usually want to charge our crystals and do our rituals during a full moon, but not during an eclipse. An eclipse is a time to be receptive, without any intentions or expectations, allowing the darkness to unfold into light and just being able to see what is revealed.

At tonight’s Moon Flow Yoga I will guide you through a special full moon eclipse Yoga Nidra after and slow flow practice. Opening the body and mind to be able to receive without expectations. You can book for tonight’s class here.

This week’s yoga

7pm – Moon Flow Yoga (Zoom)

1pm – Lunchtime Yoga (Zoom)
7pm – Open Level Yoga (Zoom)

10am – Open Level Yoga (Zoom)

11am – Xmas wreath making workshop

If you’d like to do any of these classes but the times are not convenient for you, I am offering links to the recording of class which will be valid for three days. You can purchase this link either by booking for the class here or if the class has passed you can get in touch with me here.

Looking forward to seeing you on the mat sometime soon!

Much 💜

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