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Autumn Equinox and the Art of Letting Go

We just went through the Autumn Equinox portal last week after a pretty powerful Harvest Full Moon. Soaking up, possibly, the last sun rays of autumn, I find myself thinking in Equinoxy ways… how do we connect to this energy? How do we avoid burnout in times of transition?

Equinoxes are times in the yearly cycle where we seek balance. As we transition from Summer to Winter, Autumn marks a time of change. This means that, as the light decreases, we may be feeling more tired and as a result our immune system may be compromised, so we are more prone to catch the odd cold or flu. Honoring our bodies when feeling tired is key in finding this much needed balance as we slide down the autumn wave. Going to bed earlier than we used to do in summer helps redress this issue and by resting more our body-mind will have the chance to restore.

How do we prepare for the Winter season? By letting go. 

The trees shed their beautifully coloured leaves this time of year without a second thought. They know how to manage their energy and that, at this time, this energy must focus within. Strengthening roots and inner landscape. Nothing to show out to the world. It is time to prepare for that yearly pause… How can we tune into this energy? Having a good clearout at home is a great thing to do in Autumn. We will be spending more time indoors as the temperatures drop, so it is important to prepare our space. Less is more here. Say thank you before you say goodbye. Be grateful. Be ruthless. Clutter will only be more work to maintain at a time where we need to do as little as possible. And, as the trees, trust that, as many leaves as you shed you will regrow back in spring!

How does this translate to our yoga classes? Less is more. We are stripping back to the core so we can rebuild stronger and truer foundations. This is a great time for beginners to join as we revisit the basics! 

Classes for the Autumn term will be Wednesdays @ 7pm and Sundays @ 10am, in studio and online.

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