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Halloween Special: An Invitation To Change

Every year I go through a bit of a slump when the summer ends, the days start getting shorter so quickly, less time outdoors, less sun, the cold creeps in… Then, suddenly, as if out of nowhere, I notice the beautiful colours of autumn, the smell in the air, the crisp mornings… how can I forget this is my favourite time of the year? Yes, as much as I want summer to last forever, I enjoy autumn just as much – with that feast of colours, how can you not?

Autumn is a transitional season, a preparation to winter. I feel our lives also go through the seasons, and not in a particular order – even though we all may end in winter – our autumns and springs may come and go, allowing us to live through change and transitions.

Living through one of those transitions right now, as an Art Psychotherapist trainee, I am welcoming these changes, allowing new insights, testing and playing as I watch the different disciplines and approaches interweave through my own teaching, my own practice and process. All with the same goal in sight: to allow you to connect with who you really are, with all your colours and shades, so you can live your best life.

Halloween Special: An Invitation to Change

Halloween – or the Day of the Dead – celebrates Death as Transition, Change, Transformation. We see Death as an ending, an ending of a cycle which allows space for something new to arise. Sometimes ends can be scary, walking through the door of transition without knowing what awaits on the other side takes courage. But when we do, when we let go, surrender and stop resisting change, we realise that the door always opens, offering a new chapter, and all things fall into place.

I invite you to an evening of surrendering, play and connection; an evening to welcome transformation through gentle yoga and yoga nidra, ‘pumpkin’ art therapy, a sharing circle and vegetarian dinner.

This event will take place at The Glass House, with a maximum of 6 live participants, Saturday October 30th, price £46 (including all materials and dinner – when booking please let me know if you have any allergies).

Those of you on a membership will enjoy a 15% off the full price for this event!
I won’t be taking bookings through the system for this so please contact me here to book.

Classes will run this week as normal, both online and in studio – book your place here.

I wish you all a colourful and magical week.

🍂 🍁 🖤 🍁 🍂

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