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Xmas and New Year Yoga

Welcome to that liminal time between Christmas and New Year… Endings to tie up and plans for new beginnings as we come out of the Xmas slumber and back into reality. And reality is uncertain right now. Even our NYE plans are uncertain as we wait for announcements with, possibly, more restrictions in the next few days.

Getting used to uncertainty takes time and practice. Being able to live in the present moment is not easy feat, especially when surrounded by chaos and fear. As human beings we need some kind of order in our lives. Some routines. We like to make plans.

The good news is that we ourselves can create those routines and rituals to bring in some much needed grounding, such as:

  • On waking: free-write three pages in your journal, let it run, whatever comes to your mind. Get it all out before you start your day!
  • Reward yourself with your favourite cuppa, tea or coffee, as you write your morning pages
  • Think of three things you are grateful for each day – you may choose to write these down in your journal so you can go back to them when you need to
  • Spend some time in meditation. Even if it’s just 5 minutes. I do 11 minutes each morning. I recommend some good noise canceling headphones and a simple timer – I use InsightTimer (you can choose your own background music and bells). Try to focus on your breath and every time you stray – and you will, we all do! – just bring yourself back to the breath. Start small, then slowly add more time if you feel you need to
  • If you sit down a lot for work, set some alarms in your phone throughout your working day to get up and move. Science tells us that moving the body also moves the mind (mind and body are one after all!), so play your favourite tune and have a little dance, or do some yoga, you will see how your creative juices start flowing!
  • Join a class – yes it is good to have recordings and freedom to practice whenever we feel like it instead of at an established time but hey, it is even better to connect with others and practice together, either online or in person. Connection is a human need, we are pack animals after all. Lack of connection brings feelings of ungroundedness and depression, as well as anxiety
  • Go for walks in nature. Get lost. Awaken your own intuition. Leave your phone’s maps behind and trust your gut. This is gold and we are totally missing this nowadays. But it is never too late to start to remember!

My two cents to structure and routine: I have added free recordings throughout the holidays until we reopen on 12.1.2022, every Wednesday and Sunday there’ll be an evening flow class and morning flow class recordings for you to access. Recordings for this week are already up and next week’s will be up next Monday. You can access these from now until the end of the day’s class (ie. Wednesday class ends at 8.15pm so you can access this class from now until that time only).

Wishing you a smashing walking out of 2021 and into 2022 with new perspectives and ways to navigate these times!

Much 💙

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Full Moon in Aries – Breaking Through

You may already be feeling the energy of this swelling Aries moon, which will become full this Wednesday. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and deals with our primary needs, survival, the things we can not ‘be’ without. This is the sign of the ‘I’ and it’s ruled by Mars, the planet of action and fire. The full moon in Aries is calling us to pay attention to those non negotiable ‘I’ needs and to have a proper look at ourselves within relationship (Sun in Libra): What is it in ‘I’ that could be blocking the ‘us’? or, on the other hand, where in ‘us’ am I? Am I being heard, seen? This is the counterpart of the new moon in Libra at the beginning of this month and it will challenge or inspire us within relationship.

This full moon is calling the (fiery) emotions ruled by Mars to come out, the water is boiling, and we must pay attention to feelings of anger, or even rage – how do we deal with this emotions and how can we let them out without ‘burning’ others or ourselves? This fire is wanting to transform something in our lives that is stuck and this full moon is the portal through which this will be unstuck.

Mercury is going direct, but for the next few days it’ll be stationary – an even stronger energy than it going retrograde – it is important to think before we talk, as we could say things we may regret and not be able to take them back. Sometimes it is best to leave the room or go outside if we feel a volcano erupting within – finding an alternative way of channeling those emotions, perhaps through bodywork or the arts, using this energy in a creative way.

How do we take this planetary energy to the mat?

Wednesday’s class we will explore the energy of the Aries full moon during a Restorative and Yoga Nidra class – inviting our subconscious to talk to us while we allow those feelings and emotions to get unstuck in a safe environment.
Sunday’s will be a Morning Flow Yoga class – working with transforming that fire energy into wellbeing, more of a higher energy class. You can book both classes here online or in studio.

Wishing you a fantastic week.

🍂 🍁 🖤 🍁 🍂

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Halloween Special: An Invitation To Change

Every year I go through a bit of a slump when the summer ends, the days start getting shorter so quickly, less time outdoors, less sun, the cold creeps in… Then, suddenly, as if out of nowhere, I notice the beautiful colours of autumn, the smell in the air, the crisp mornings… how can I forget this is my favourite time of the year? Yes, as much as I want summer to last forever, I enjoy autumn just as much – with that feast of colours, how can you not?

Autumn is a transitional season, a preparation to winter. I feel our lives also go through the seasons, and not in a particular order – even though we all may end in winter – our autumns and springs may come and go, allowing us to live through change and transitions.

Living through one of those transitions right now, as an Art Psychotherapist trainee, I am welcoming these changes, allowing new insights, testing and playing as I watch the different disciplines and approaches interweave through my own teaching, my own practice and process. All with the same goal in sight: to allow you to connect with who you really are, with all your colours and shades, so you can live your best life.

Halloween Special: An Invitation to Change

Halloween – or the Day of the Dead – celebrates Death as Transition, Change, Transformation. We see Death as an ending, an ending of a cycle which allows space for something new to arise. Sometimes ends can be scary, walking through the door of transition without knowing what awaits on the other side takes courage. But when we do, when we let go, surrender and stop resisting change, we realise that the door always opens, offering a new chapter, and all things fall into place.

I invite you to an evening of surrendering, play and connection; an evening to welcome transformation through gentle yoga and yoga nidra, ‘pumpkin’ art therapy, a sharing circle and vegetarian dinner.

This event will take place at The Glass House, with a maximum of 6 live participants, Saturday October 30th, price £46 (including all materials and dinner – when booking please let me know if you have any allergies).

Those of you on a membership will enjoy a 15% off the full price for this event!
I won’t be taking bookings through the system for this so please contact me here to book.

Classes will run this week as normal, both online and in studio – book your place here.

I wish you all a colourful and magical week.

🍂 🍁 🖤 🍁 🍂

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A New Way to Relate – New Moon in Libra

Author Unknown

This week we have a stellium (a group of more than three planets) in Libra. Libra is to do with balance and our relationships or how we relate. A New Moon in Libra this Wednesday – the Moon is to do with our home, family, emotions, safe place…; marks a new cycle on how we relate in important relationships, be it romantic, friendship or partnerships.

These last two years have shaken our foundations and what we see as a priority now is most probably not the same as it was before. What we need to feel safe has changed or is changing and we have felt or are feeling these changes unfold. As we are finding this new balance within ourselves, how do we address this same balance within our relationships?

The next 6 months – up until the Libra Full Moon in April 2022 where the cycle ends – are a period of exploration to find clarity, first within, and then out in the relationship. It is important that we are honest with ourselves to then bring that honesty out to how we relate. Mercury retrograde, now at the mid-point of its retrogradation, is a great period for reflection, going inwards, feeling things and being able to uncover these important changes from within.

A few other planets retrograding at the moment, such as Pluto (transformation) and Saturn (boundaries and rules) are going direct towards the end of the week so perhaps we will start seeing those changes and new plans or boundaries being set.
A relating re-birth.

We are bringing this energy down to our mat this week by enquiring within to find that balance: ‘Is my practice true to me? Am I listening to my body when I practise? Is my mind engaged?’ There’ll be an emphasis on feeling the poses we practise with a fresh new perspective and self-adjusting those imbalances. This is yoga working for you. Your body, your yoga. I will be guiding you to listen even more now.

This week’s Evening Flow Yoga is a Restorative and Yoga Nidra session, both live and online. As we are ‘blackmooning’ during the beginning of the week until the new moon, the energies are normally lower and it is important to restore and replenish.

Restorative yoga is restful, nourishing and healing – emphasising in comfort and deep rest, allowing the body to heal without interference.
Inducing deep relaxation, restorative yoga will help your blood pressure and stress hormone levels to drop, reducing anxiety and helping you sleep better.
It can also have therapeutic effects on the heart, and on the immune, digestive and other physiological systems.

Yoga Nidra translates as ‘the yogic sleep’ – a deep state of consciousness when we are neither asleep nor awake but experience total physical, mental and emotional relaxation. Even a short nidra can completely nourish and refresh the mind and body. Yoga Nidra is like natural medicine for anxiety and insomnia.

Tiger’s favourite Restorative pose (heating full power!)

Sunday’s Morning Flow Yoga will run as usual (online and live).

Schedule and bookings here.

✨ Wishing you a magical week ✨

Much 🖤

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Autumn Equinox and the Art of Letting Go

We just went through the Autumn Equinox portal last week after a pretty powerful Harvest Full Moon. Soaking up, possibly, the last sun rays of autumn, I find myself thinking in Equinoxy ways… how do we connect to this energy? How do we avoid burnout in times of transition?

Equinoxes are times in the yearly cycle where we seek balance. As we transition from Summer to Winter, Autumn marks a time of change. This means that, as the light decreases, we may be feeling more tired and as a result our immune system may be compromised, so we are more prone to catch the odd cold or flu. Honoring our bodies when feeling tired is key in finding this much needed balance as we slide down the autumn wave. Going to bed earlier than we used to do in summer helps redress this issue and by resting more our body-mind will have the chance to restore.

How do we prepare for the Winter season? By letting go. 

The trees shed their beautifully coloured leaves this time of year without a second thought. They know how to manage their energy and that, at this time, this energy must focus within. Strengthening roots and inner landscape. Nothing to show out to the world. It is time to prepare for that yearly pause… How can we tune into this energy? Having a good clearout at home is a great thing to do in Autumn. We will be spending more time indoors as the temperatures drop, so it is important to prepare our space. Less is more here. Say thank you before you say goodbye. Be grateful. Be ruthless. Clutter will only be more work to maintain at a time where we need to do as little as possible. And, as the trees, trust that, as many leaves as you shed you will regrow back in spring!

How does this translate to our yoga classes? Less is more. We are stripping back to the core so we can rebuild stronger and truer foundations. This is a great time for beginners to join as we revisit the basics! 

Classes for the Autumn term will be Wednesdays @ 7pm and Sundays @ 10am, in studio and online.

To book a class click here