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This week’s yoga and astral insights

Thinking without ‘the box’

The year 2020 will be remembered by most as one of the hardest, most unusual years. Covid19 challenged our sense of security, our sense of freedom, our economy and safety. It challenged our mental health and our resilience. We just wanted 2020 to be over. ASAP.

This is 2021 and little has changed. We already knew things would not change. But this didn’t stop us from wishing ourselves back to normality while zooming our New Years Eve with friends and relatives. What normality? The way things were before. Why? Because we felt safe. Really? Not really, but this ‘old way’ is all we know. So even though it wasn’t working anymore, we still felt safe.

Aaaahhh… Here we go.

The thing is that these next few years are going to shift us forwards whether we want it or not. And, as we know, resistance is the root of all suffering. So we want to shift with the times and not get left behind. Why would we want to avoid our own evolution?

This week Mercury meets Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius squaring Uranus retrograde in Taurus. In English, this is beyond ‘thinking outside the box’, we are now getting rid of the box. We want to expand and grow (Jupiter) our thinking and communications (Mercury) in completely new and untested ways (Aquarius). There may be more news about restrictions (Saturn), but as long as Jupiter is close to Saturn these won’t be too bad, so we will be able to breathe.

In the early morning of Wednesday (5am in London, UK) we will have a new moon in Capricorn. This will be in exactly the same degree as last year’s new moon in Capricorn, allowing a second chace for us to deal with those same Capricorn issues we were facing a year ago but in a very different way, with a very different approach. This is a Sun + Moon + Pluto conjunction in the same degree, allowing for a huge transformation.

Capricorn deals with security, ambition, career, social status, planning… have these changed during the last year? What is security for me now? How do I plan things amidst so much uncertainty? Has my career been threatened? Does it have to evolve and change with the times? How can I reinvent this area of my life? Just a few prompts for a bit of journaling work gearing to this Wednesday’s new moon. Sit and write or record your thoughts and then set your intentions out on Wednesday. This is a great time for manifesting, but in order to manifest our intentions have to be crystal clear.

The week ends with a square between Jupiter in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus bringing in a strong ‘crazy scientist’ energy, mad new technology, inclusion of minorities, new resources becoming available… Uranus in Taurus could be working remotely, cryptocurrency or being caring towards the Earth. Great time to max our creativity in ways never seen before!

This Week’s Yoga

1pm – Lunchtime Yoga
7pm – Open Level Yoga

10am – Open Level Yoga

You can book for any of these classes here.

Wishing you a wonderful week and looking forward to zooming with you soon 💜

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This week’s yoga and astral insights 16.11.20

We are approaching the end of 2020… phew! I can hear you say… It has been an intense year of looking at ourselves, personally and collectively, and we are being pushed towards taking responsibility and changing. The year is not over yet, but a lot of difficult aspects are softening now. Hurray!

We had a new moon in Scorpio yesterday, initiating a 6 month cycle until April 16th 2021 with the full moon in Scorpio.

Scorpio takes us to the deepest depth of our feelings in the darkness of a new moon. Remember that you are not your emotions, but just the one experiencing them.

Everything passes. Allow yourself to feel without fear.

We will explore this Scorpio New Moon in tonight’s Moon Flow Yoga and Yoga Nidra – a practice that nourishes your senses and allows you to go deep within, in a safe way. Deeply relaxing and restoring, Yoga Nidra or the yogic sleep, brings you to that liminal space between sleeping and waking, allowing you to safely reach parts of the unconscious, bringing healing to the soul, body and mind. You can join us tonight via Zoom by booking here.

Mars stopped retrograding last Friday and will be stationary until November 25th. This has been a period of reflection on our actions and finding out what our motor is, what is behind our actions. Now we can take our learnings and, once Mars goes direct, we can go forward with a clear direction and consciousness.

This week’s yoga

7pm – Moon Flow Yoga and Yoga Nidra (Zoom)

1pm – Lunchtime Yoga (Zoom)
7pm – Open Level Yoga (Zoom)

10 am – Open Level Yoga (Zoom)

If you’d like to do any of these classes but the times are not convenient for you, I am offering links to the recording of class which will be valid for three days. You can purchase this link either by booking for the class here or if the class has passed you can get in touch with me here.

Looking forward to seeing you on the mat sometime soon 💜

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This week’s yoga and astral insights

New moon in Libra & Mercury retrograde

This week starts with some beautiful, expanding alignments in the sky (such as Jupiter squaring the Sun), bringing in a feel-good vibe to the usually dreaded Monday.

Tuesday evening Mercury goes into stationary mode, just before going retrograde until November 3rd. This whole retrograde period, Mercury will go from Scorpio to Libra and back to Scorpio. This is a great time to go inwards (deep —> Scorpio) , looking at our communication patterns and outdated beliefs tin our relationships (Libra) , doing a deep-clean and changing those which are damaging our relations. This energy is even stronger right now as, at the beginning of its retrogradation, Mercury is stationary for a few days.

Continuing with the theme of relationships, Mars retrograde in Aries squares the Sun in Libra (Mars=Yang vs. Sun=Yang). The Sun in Libra wants harmony, balance and justice (at a collective level) while Mars retrograde in Aries is stepping back, looking for a change in conduct in regards to present events. There has to be a compromise to this change. This could be you squaring up to those old behaviours and patterns and realising how much damage these could do to a current important and cherished relationship. This may come with the realisation that you treat others the same way you treat yourself.
As not all of us are at the same level of awareness right now, some may struggle and will be fighting with themselves and within their relationships. Only by taking conscience and being aware of our own patterns of behaviour we will be able to exit some unhealthy cycles in relationships.

On Friday we have a new moon in Libra, which, amongst so many aspects in tension, may feel a little like a push, a forced new beginning – whether we learn our lessons or not. The blackmooning period – from now till the new moon – together with Mercury stationary, is a perfect time to stop and go within, journal, search for meaning, nourish your mind and soul and dive deep into the darkness to find your inner light.
Your soul knows where the answers lay, so just sit back and relax.

Tonight’s Moon Flow Yoga will prepare you for this blackmooning period, allowing you to lay back and open to that unknown scent of darkness, awakening your inner senses to reveal that which your sould deeply knows. Join us for this evening’s class, which will end in a Black Moon Yoga Nidra guided meditation, leaving you ready to enjoy a great night’s sleep where your dreams may reveal those answers to you.
You can book for this class here.

Wild Yoga will be ON this Saturday and it will be matless. I will be leadind a standing practice so you stay warm and grounded, increasing mobility, strength and flexibility as well as balance. Bring some sport, supportive trainers and layers.
You can sign up for class here.

I look forward to seeing you on the mat or the grass very soon!

Much 💙

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This week’s yoga and astral insights


Dear yogis and yoginis,

Mars is the warrior planet, full of yang (male) energy – the kind of energy which attacks when feeling under threat and that sparks anything into action. When this kind of energy gets stuck we are prone to anger outbursts, physical accidents and, in worst case scenario, violence. This is exactly the kind of energy going last week as Mars started going retrograde last Wednesday. When a planet starts going retrograde it is stationary for a few days first – so the energy that planet holds, in this case Mars, becomes stagnant.

I have experienced this energy full on as I injured my back sawing wood to make a fire (Mars in its element) last Monday evening. My power was stronger than my body could hold at that time, which lead with very unhappy back muscles and a trip to hospital as my back went into spasm. So, yup, I experienced stationary Mars in my bones (or may I say muscles) and I am, thankfully, slowly on the mend.

The advice with this kind of energy is to not overexert yourself (easier said than done), try not to snap but breathe and calm down before you react to whatever may be triggering you (and there may be lots of triggers as Mars rules Aries which is the ‘I am’ sign of the zodiac) and, very important, do not make any key decisions until Mars goes direct in November as you may well regret them.

This week’s yoga

I will be sending pre-recorded yoga classes so you don’t miss in your practice this week, you just need to book your class as usual and I will send all the links half an hour before class time, so you have time to get ready.

7pm – Yoga Level 1 Beginners (Zoom)

7pm – Yoga Level 2 Improvers (Zoom)

10am – Wild Yoga (to be confirmed – I will send an email the night before to confirm whether the class can go on)

1pm – Lunch time Yoga (Zoom)

7pm – Moon (Slow) Flow Yoga (Zoom)

10 am – Wild Yoga (to be confirmed – I will send an email the night before to confirm whether the class can go on)

I wish you a wonderful sunny week and I apologise for not being able to teach you live for a few days. I am still here, so please message me with any concerns 🙂

I look forward to seeing you on the mat very soon!

Much 💛

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This week’s yoga and astral insights 180520

New moon in Gemini, artist unknown

Dear yogis and yoginis,

Gemini is the star of this week, headlining both the Sun – from this Wednesday – and the Moon – on Friday. Gemini, ruled by Mercury, is all in the mind and its energy is light, outgoing and when out of balance can be a little ADD, as it loves variety and multitasking.

New moons are usually about new beginnings. However, this Friday’s new moon in Gemini, is asking you to re-cycle, re-evaluate and re-fresh more than starting something brand new. Why? Because it comes with a Mercury – Venus conjunction and a Sun – Saturn trine; and both planets (Venus, ruling my wants and desires and Saturn, ruler of rules and order) are retrograding.
Is there anything in your life which feels a little outdated and will do with a makeover? Well, this is a great time to do this!

Stay tuned as I will be posting a black moon ritual here this Wednesday evening, right in time for the black mooning period before the new moon is out!

This week’s yoga

7.00 – 8.15pm – Yoga Level 1, Beginners

1 – 1.30pm – Lunchtime Yoga
7 – 8.15pm – Yoga Level 2, Improvers

10 – 11.15am – Slow Flow Yoga

1 – 1:30pm – Lunchtime Yoga

11am – 12.15pm – Open Level Yoga

You can book all these classes here.

Stay well and I hope to see you on the mat very soon!

Much 💛