Friendly local classes to keep your body and mind healthy.

Wild Yoga is back! Join our friendly, down to earth classes at Whittington Park, every Sunday at 10am from May 8th – Click here for bookings.

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Wild Yoga
A class taught outdoors at the park in the fresh air amongst trees and under the sun (most times!). These classes are all Open Level. This class stops during the cold and wet winter months and starts back in spring. Stay tuned!

Morning Flow Yoga
An invigorating practice to wake up the body and mind! This class will leave you glowing, inside and outside. Open to all levels.

Evening Flow Yoga
A slower paced class to help wind down from the day and allow you to disconnect from ‘the monkey mind’. Focused on releasing tension and blockages acquired through the day so you can sleep like a baby at night. Open to all levels.

Complete Beginners Course
This 5 week course covers the basics in yoga in a friendly, down to earth environment. By the time you complete this course you should feel confident to move onto the Level 1 or Open Level classes with a clear understanding of the basic foundations in Yoga.
It is sometimes great to revisit these foundations even if you have been practising for a while, so if you feel like doing so you are welcome to join us!

New Moon Meditation
Set your intentions for the new moon in this pranayama and meditation class. The blackmooning period is when we cannot see the moon in the sky, this happens just before the new moon. Guided session, no experience necessary.

Full Moon Meditation
Guided pranayama and meditation session to clear what no longer serves you during the full moon. This is a time of culminations and peaks, energies are high and can be draining. This session helps to balance and restore the energy during this time.

Pranayama and Meditation – a short explanation:

Pranayama is the fourth limb of yoga. It’s a Sanskrit term meaning ‘extension of the life force’. The word is composed of two Sanskrit words, Prāna meaning life force and āyāma, meaning to extend, draw out, restrain, or control. Prāna (life force) is carried by our breath, therefore by ‘controlling’ our breath we are able to adjust our life force. Different Pranayama techniques are used for different effects, some calming, some energising, some balancing. The benefits of Pranayama are too many to list here!

Dhyana (Meditation) is the 7th limb of yoga. In meditation we aim to retreat from our thoughts, calming our ‘monkey mind’. By shifting our attention away from our thoughts we are able to calm our nervous system and allow our intuition to flourish. Nurturing this practice will not only dramatically increase your wellbeing, but also open the door to your ‘inner knowing’ and help develop a strong feeling of contentment and acceptance of whatever life brings.

In these sessions you will be guided through different techniques in a friendly, down to earth manner.

From October 2019, classes will be held at our new space:
The Glass House
664A Holloway Road
London N19 3NU