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💦🐡New Moon in Pisces🐡💦

This was exact at 10.21am UK time this morning.

This new moon is ethereal and otherworldly, Pisces wants you to explore and go beyond past limits of your imagination, visiting new unseen realms within your psyche. Pay attention to your dreams. This is a great time to submerge yourself in any creative form of expression, painting, dancing, writing… whatever gets you ‘in the flow’ – watery Pisces is asking you to feel, letting go of mind restrictions.

I am feeling this Piscean energy strongly as I am writing this up in The Glass House, listening to the persistent rain tapping on the glass roof this morning.

These are a few ideas for you to try today and the next few days:

🐠 Pranayama: there are certain pranayama techniques which help calming the nervous system, mostly by lengthening the exhale and using breath retentions (holding your breath).

🐠 Meditation: make use of this natural watery soundscape and meditate for a few minutes. Burn some sage/ palo santo to clear the space or use any essential oils to help you be calm and focused, such as lavender and clary sage.

🐠 Journaling: free-writing, unedited flow – just a few pages in the morning. Don’t worry if it looks messy, just let the process happen without focusing in the outcome.

🐠 Painting / drawing: get the colours out and paint your feelings! I love this one 😉 Notice if you feel happy, sad, angry,… then notice where in your body do you feel this feeling… what colour is it? Separate the story from the feeling… painting the feeling will help you process it and letting it go if you need to.

🐠 Yoga Nidra: this ancient practice will help you release and relax, opening that portal to the subconscious, allowing you to open up to other realms… If you’d like a link to this Wednesday’s Yoga Nidra recording so you can practice the next few nights send me a PM.

🐠 Dance / body movement – another favourite of mine 😂 Allow your body to move without restrictions! Music / no music. Dance to the sound of rain. Big movements, small movements, let your body go and do its thing…!

I hope you enjoy these next few days and you get time to try some of these, let us know how it felt in the comments below👇🏽

Mermaid pose

Join us in class next week via zoom for more Mermaid love 💕

Much ✨💙✨

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This week’s yoga and astral insights 17.02.19

Dear yogis and yoginis,

February is quite literally turning to be an ‘air and water’ (Aquarius and Pisces) month, two different storms in two weeks! – though I do love the peace and quiet after the storm… aaaah bliss ✨

This week ends with a new moon in Pisces, on Sunday. Tomorrow Tuesday the Sun also enters Pisces, enhancing this sign’s dual energy – sun / moon, yin / yang, masculine / feminine. Mars in Capricorn will be trining Uranus this Friday which could bring a sudden strong surge of physical energy which may be hard to control. It is important to focus on channeling this energy and pour it into creative endeavours and goal settings for the new lunar month, though it may feel like a challenge!

This is where Thursday’s Black Moon Restorative and Yoga Nidra workshop comes in to help! These monthly workshops fall on the days just before the new moon, a period called ‘blackmooning’ – as we can see no moon in the sky. These days are great for resting, resetting the nervous system, tuning inwards and allowing your heart to talk to you – while being ready to listen and receive. This is the yin part of the lunar cycle, as we prepare ourselves for when the energy starts to increase during the following two weeks leading up to the full moon. You can read more about Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra here.
Last month’s event was full, so make sure you book in advance here.

This new moon in Pisces is mega special so don’t be afraid to dream big and go wild with your plans and goal setting. The strong Pisces energy teamed with the Mars – Capricorn trine with Uranus is a match ‘made in heaven’ to help manifest the most amazing ideas, so let your imagination flow free!

This week’s yoga:

7:30pm – Level 1 Beginners Yoga

7pm – Level 2 Improvers Yoga

8:30am – Pranayama and Meditation
10am – Community Yoga

7pm – Black Moon Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra workshop

9:30am – Complete Beginners (week 4/5)
11am – Open Level Yoga

You can book your classes  here.

I wish you the most amazing week!

Much 💙

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This week’s yoga and astral insights 16.09.19

Dear yogis and yoginis,

While everyone seems to be getting busier and busier and evenings are turning cooler, I am super grateful for this handsome autumn sunshine we are having this week.
What are you grateful for?

This week’s yoga:

  • Wednesday 7pm – Open Level candle lit yoga
  • Saturday 11am – Open Level energising morning yoga

Both classes will take place at the Upper Hocking Hall, WPCA, Yerbury Road, N19 4RS.
Please get in touch to book your mat.

BREAKING NEWS: We are moving!

Welcome to The Glass House, a new home studio opening in Upper Holloway. This will be Stay Gold yoga’s home from October onwards. A new timetable with additional classes will be revealed in the next few days – our Wednesday evening and Saturday morning classes will remain the same.

The benefits of moving

  • The Glass House is a green quiet haven in the midst of the busy Holloway Road. Situated just behind the main road, it looks out to an interior garden, surrounded by nature and calm
  • The studio houses a max of 6 students, so will be offering smaller classes tailored to specific abilities and levels
  • The Glass House aims to offer a unique and luxurious experience. It’s a very private venue, even though walls and ceiling are glass (the ceiling is reflective so no one can see through it from the outside)
  • Just think of looking at the stars during your evening class just before drifting off to Savasana… bliss!

Transition period, pricing and new booking system

The transition period will be the month of October. During this time a few new classes will take shape as we see the demand of our regular students and welcome new students to the space.

As capacity is limited, a booking system will be implemented from the beginning of October. Prices will vary slightly from October 1st:

  • Drop in – £15, increasing just £1 from current price
  • Block of 6 classes – £76
  • Block of 10 classes – £110
  • Concessions – £10 – there’ll be specific community classes available for those with concessions (students, unemployed, low waged and retired)

SPECIAL OFFER: Blocks of 10 and 6 classes can be bought at current prices until the end of September and will be valid until their end by date (3 months for 10 classes and 2 months for 6 classes). Get yours in class or contact me here.

Astral insights

This week, like all weeks in September is very busy with aspects.

We are still feeling the influence of the full moon in Pisces last week. Materialising illusions, dealing with delusion and embodying our dreams. This week starts with Mercury (planet of communication) opposing Chiron (planet of vulnerability) in Libra (relationships). This could mean we could start the week with some communication / conversation to do with a relationship (business, partnership, romantic, family …) which may leave us in a place of vulnerability. As Chiron is in Aries (first sign of the zodiac, dealing with our primal, individual needs) we may react to feeling vulnerable by being defensive. But, with Chiron retrograding we have an opportunity to grow by realising that this is an old defence mechanism and trying a different approach.

On Wednesday, Saturn starts going direct, after retrograding since the end of April. It’s also in its sign, Capricorn, until March 2020 and it wants us to be adults and take responsibility. Saturn is the gatekeeper of our 3D reality. It rules time and space, the material world and the responsibilities it carries. It also rules karma – which doesn’t need to be negative, karma is the consequence to an action. The next few weeks Saturn will be putting things in their place, putting order and making sure debts are paid: not just material but also emotional.
So, our big lessons in adulting are about to start!

I look forward to seeing some of you on the mat this week!

Much 💛

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This week’s yoga and astral insights 02.09.2019

Dear yogis and yoginis,

Virgo season is here!
Autumn is starting to show – leaves are falling off trees, holidays are over, earlier nights… We start to organise ourselves and prepare for the transition to winter.

There are many astrological aspects this week but, following the Virgo spirit, I’m going to keep this organised and simple:

  • We just had a new Moon in Virgo, so the Moon is waxing now, gaining light and growing. Perfect timing to start new things, gain clarity and make the most of the energy increase.
  • We have a triple conjunction in Virgo: the Sun (conscience, presence), Mars (action) and Mercury (mind).
  • Virgo is the sign of the body.

This is the week to embody, be present, show up – experience life with your 5 senses. Get out of the mind – test-drive your dreams, learn by direct experience what works and what doesn’t; go out there and talk to people, minimise online interaction and put in the effort to show up.

I will show up and teach you this week at:

  • Tuesday 7pm
    Open Level @Goldendoor studio
  • Wednesday 7pm
    Wild Yoga @ Whittington Park
  • Thursday 10am
    Open Level @Goldendoor studio
  • Saturday 10am
    Open Level @Goldendoor studio

Please get in touch to book your mat.

Hope to see you on the mat soon!

Much 💛

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This week’s yoga and astral insights 14.08.19

Dear yogis and yoginis…

Summer apologises for her recent behaviour. Due to super wet weather tonight’s class is cancelled. Hopefully Saturday will stay dry and Wild Yoga will be back on – register your interest with me for this session – if numbers are high enough we may be able to run it inside.

I apologise for my lack of e-mails of late… I am cooking a little project which will be announced very soon and between that, some of you going on holidays and the weather being too wild for our Wild Yoga, I may have missed a couple of newsletters…

Astral Insights

We are coming up to a full moon in Aquarius tomorrow at 1.29pm, but those a bit sensitive may have been feeling its energy during the last few days while in its waxing period. The veil seems somehow thinner and dreams, synchronicities, sudden insights popping without warning (with Uranus, Aquarius ruler still retrograde) – confusion between our inner and outer ‘knowings’. How do we discern which one is right? This is a time to trust your instincts as you are picking up info from different realms which may make no sense when you try to rationalise.

The Jewish tradition celebrates Tu B’av tomorrow, a celebration of love – which is the equivalent of Valentine’s day in Western tradition. A great day to open our hearts with the Sun in Leo and this massive full moon. Jupiter started going direct and with Leo firing us up we may start feeling that push towards fulfilling our purpose, being creative, sharing our gifts with the world and being authentic in ourselves. A chance to hit that re-start button and break long-term patterns in relationships and creative endeavours.The planets and stars are on your side!

Whatever you end up doing tomorrow, make sure it comes from the heart 🖤

Hopefully see you this Saturday on the mat!

Much  💛