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Halloween Special: An Invitation To Change

Every year I go through a bit of a slump when the summer ends, the days start getting shorter so quickly, less time outdoors, less sun, the cold creeps in… Then, suddenly, as if out of nowhere, I notice the beautiful colours of autumn, the smell in the air, the crisp mornings… how can I forget this is my favourite time of the year? Yes, as much as I want summer to last forever, I enjoy autumn just as much – with that feast of colours, how can you not?

Autumn is a transitional season, a preparation to winter. I feel our lives also go through the seasons, and not in a particular order – even though we all may end in winter – our autumns and springs may come and go, allowing us to live through change and transitions.

Living through one of those transitions right now, as an Art Psychotherapist trainee, I am welcoming these changes, allowing new insights, testing and playing as I watch the different disciplines and approaches interweave through my own teaching, my own practice and process. All with the same goal in sight: to allow you to connect with who you really are, with all your colours and shades, so you can live your best life.

Halloween Special: An Invitation to Change

Halloween – or the Day of the Dead – celebrates Death as Transition, Change, Transformation. We see Death as an ending, an ending of a cycle which allows space for something new to arise. Sometimes ends can be scary, walking through the door of transition without knowing what awaits on the other side takes courage. But when we do, when we let go, surrender and stop resisting change, we realise that the door always opens, offering a new chapter, and all things fall into place.

I invite you to an evening of surrendering, play and connection; an evening to welcome transformation through gentle yoga and yoga nidra, ‘pumpkin’ art therapy, a sharing circle and vegetarian dinner.

This event will take place at The Glass House, with a maximum of 6 live participants, Saturday October 30th, price £46 (including all materials and dinner – when booking please let me know if you have any allergies).

Those of you on a membership will enjoy a 15% off the full price for this event!
I won’t be taking bookings through the system for this so please contact me here to book.

Classes will run this week as normal, both online and in studio – book your place here.

I wish you all a colourful and magical week.

🍂 🍁 🖤 🍁 🍂

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This week’s yoga and astral insights

Dear yogis and yoginis,

Mars is still retrograding which may keep slowing things down, but hopefully we can use this slow time to lean back and aim true, staying out of feeing frustrated and keeping anger at bay.

Right now, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto are conjunct Capricorn (success standards, society rules and must do’s). This conjunction will finish towards the end of the year although it’s effects may be felt as far as February next year.

Here, we are looking at the ‘uncool’ side of Capricorn: masks are falling off at a collective level – we are fully conscious of how these external systems are no longer working. However, this mirrors our own personal systems and strategies and, if we look within ourselves, we may start to see how these systems are outdated and are no longer helping us. Taking this even further, we may discover that these old ways and coping mechanisms may just be creating the opposite effect of what we are used to and expect. The learning we take is that, in order to find different ways, we need to work with ourselves, go within and take responsibility for our lives.

This week’s most important aspect is the Harvest full moon in Aries (first sign of the Zodiac, rules ‘me, I want’), conjunct Chiron (wounded healer) with a Libra (ruling relationships) Sun. We will have two full moons this month, the brightests of the year, which is why this is the best month to ‘harvest’ whatever has come to fruition in our lives.

This full moon presents a huge mirror to see ourseves within our most important relationships. We are then able to see how a part of our relationship is a certain way because that same part in ourselves is that certain way. Taking responsibility for our part in this brings some huge learnings.

Mars squares Saturn as Saturn is stationary, just before it starts going direct. This aspects guides us to make a serious commited decision – we can either make an adjustment or decide to let go.

The moon will be full tomorrow and the energy can be felt the whole week, so if you decide to do the work the best evenings are tonight, tomorrow and the day after.
This evening, in our Moon Flow Yoga we will bring this intention through our Yoga Nidra practice, asking the full moon to clarify:

What would be good to solve within myself to help sort an important relationship out?

This class starts at 7pm via Zoom. You can book your space here. Or if you cannot make it you can purchase a link to a recording to be used for up to two days by contacting me here.

Full Moon Hanumanasana

This month our practice will focus around Hanumanasana, in honour of Hanuman’s (the monkey God) leap of faith:

“It was the greatest leap ever taken. The speed of Hanuman’s jump pulled blossoms and flowers into the air after him and they fell like little stars on the waving treetops. The animals on the beach had never seen such a thing; they cheered Hanuman, then the air burned from his passage, and red clouds flamed over the sky . . .” (Ramayana, retold by William Buck).

This pose then, in which the legs are split forward and back, mimics Hanuman’s famous leap from the southern tip of India to the island of Sri Lanka.

Some of Hanumanasana’s benefits are that it stretches thighs, hamstrings and groins and stimulates abdominal organs. It helps release pressure in the sciatic nerve if suffering from sciatica. This pose is contraindicated to those with groin or hamstring injuries.

Want to practice with us?

Whether it is via Zoom, beginners or intermediate level, outdoor classes or affordable one to one sessions at the Glass House studio, we are sure you will find your yoga at StayGoldYoga. Feel free to message with any questions and we will be ever so happy to help!

See you on the mat very soon!

Much 💛

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All classes canceled this week

Dear yogis and yoginis,

Well I started the year being a sick cat – happy 2020 y’all!

Sadly that means there’ll be no classes running this week as I am not well enough to teach. Classes will resume on Monday January 13th – one day after one of the biggest astrological alignments in 2020, a Saturn – Pluto conjunction… This is big, not only because it only happens about once every 34 years, but also because of the nature of these two planets: Saturn is the planet of law and order and Pluto is the planet of death and transformation, pulling out from its deep roots whatever has to go in order to help you grow. Growing pains? Pluto’s fault! So with these two planets conjunct just after the full moon (plus solar eclipse! on the 10th) hold on tight and pay attention to what is going on – somethings may just blow up out of seemingly nowhere. Be ready for the possible challenges coming your way. This is why I am taking the week off. Really. 🤞

Out and over for now – hope you keep up with the yoga this week!

Much 🖤

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This weeks yoga and astral insights

Dear yogis and yoginis,old-door-knobs-unique-vintage-door-handles-close-that-doors-vintage-doors-and-door-knobs

They say as one door closes another one opens – but don’t we all dread those in-between moments where there are no doors to be seen aside from the one we just shut!

We are at the end of a cycle now, end of Pisces, lots of planets coming up to Neptune, the home of dreams, magic and mystic. Neptune teaches us about our illusions and pushes us to deal with dis-illusion – sometimes these are tough lessons to digest… who wants to see their beautiful sand castle fall apart?

Disillusion is no fun, although isn’t it empowering to be able to put the cards on the table and deal with the reality of things face on? Not having to make ourselves bigger or smaller but just showing up as we really are, leaving our own ‘illusions’ behind. This is a moment to come to terms with reality and find truth within ourselves, our relationships, our life meaning and purpose.

Thankfully, parting with these dreams and illusions we created means that we will have new fresh space to start from scratch and rebuild, new dreams, new ways, new eyes… It is never too late to start again. The closer to our core we are, the easier our path will be, so this is fruitful work to be done!

This week’s yoga

Wednesday 7-8.15pm
Open Level
Upper Hocking Hall (WPCA), Yerbury Road, N19 4RS

Note that there are no classes this Saturday due to the Easter break

Here is Kaypacha’s mantra for the week… Inhale, aaaaaand… go!

The death of innocent illusion,
Makes it hard to believe again,
But dream I will and with work and faith,
Be triumphant in the end.

Dream on!!!

You can watch the full report here

Enjoy and see you on the mat very soon

Much 💚


This week’s yoga :)

… and last week’s astral insights, oops!


Dear yogis and yoginis,

Equinoxes are times to strive for balance and during this period we feel the energy rising as the sun starts shining a bit longer. Our bodies though go through that last bit of detoxing and getting rid of wintery stuff and therefore sometimes energies conflict and we get ill as we want to run faster than we actually can! So apologies for my lack of e-mail last week – I had to recover from my own conflicting energies as I got overexcited with new projects and ideas!


This week’s yoga:

+ Wednesday – Open Level – 7-8.15pm
WPCA, Upper Hocking Hall

+ Thursday – Open Level – 10-11.15am
Goldendoor Studio

Please make sure you book with me for these two classes!

Note: There’ll be no Saturday classes this week and the Complete Beginners (5/5) has been postponed to next Saturday. Apologies for any inconvenience.


Thanks to all who came to our Spring Equinox Yoga and Sound Bath – it was super magical and we all left recharged and ready for Spring! I wrote a little blog post about it  and you can read it here




These were the astral insights for last week – sometimes it’s good to look at these in retrospection as they may explain why we felt a certain way or just make sense of what has happened to us this week 🙂

I call to Spirit from the depths of my soul,
Wanting to see, to feel and hear you more.
I will make space and time each day,
To invite Spirit in and beg you stay.

You can watch the whole report here

✺ Enjoy and I hope to see some of you on the mat tonight or tomorrow ✺

Much 💚