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This week’s yoga and astral insights 14.08.19

Dear yogis and yoginis…

Summer apologises for her recent behaviour. Due to super wet weather tonight’s class is cancelled. Hopefully Saturday will stay dry and Wild Yoga will be back on – register your interest with me for this session – if numbers are high enough we may be able to run it inside.

I apologise for my lack of e-mails of late… I am cooking a little project which will be announced very soon and between that, some of you going on holidays and the weather being too wild for our Wild Yoga, I may have missed a couple of newsletters…

Astral Insights

We are coming up to a full moon in Aquarius tomorrow at 1.29pm, but those a bit sensitive may have been feeling its energy during the last few days while in its waxing period. The veil seems somehow thinner and dreams, synchronicities, sudden insights popping without warning (with Uranus, Aquarius ruler still retrograde) – confusion between our inner and outer ‘knowings’. How do we discern which one is right? This is a time to trust your instincts as you are picking up info from different realms which may make no sense when you try to rationalise.

The Jewish tradition celebrates Tu B’av tomorrow, a celebration of love – which is the equivalent of Valentine’s day in Western tradition. A great day to open our hearts with the Sun in Leo and this massive full moon. Jupiter started going direct and with Leo firing us up we may start feeling that push towards fulfilling our purpose, being creative, sharing our gifts with the world and being authentic in ourselves. A chance to hit that re-start button and break long-term patterns in relationships and creative endeavours.The planets and stars are on your side!

Whatever you end up doing tomorrow, make sure it comes from the heart 🖤

Hopefully see you this Saturday on the mat!

Much  💛

Astral insights, classes

This week’s yoga

The only way to break a pattern is through change – it seems so simple, doesn’t it?

Step #1 is to recognise said pattern… how are the eclipses treating you so far? Now is a good time to pay attention to your dreams and other synchronicities that may come your way ✨

On top of it being eclipse season, we have 5 planets on retrograde: Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto and Neptune… Seeing where these planets are in your chart will give you some insights on how this may affect you.

Undeniably there are strong energies affecting us at the moment. It may feel uncomfortable and that is okay… Through our practice we learn to be okay through big changes, by releasing the old (patterns) perhaps physically first, making space and opening up to receive the new.

This week’s yoga:

– Monday 7pm, beginners Goldendoor Studio

– Wednesday 7pm, Open Level Whittington Park Community Association

– Saturday 11am, Open Level Whittington Park – this is an outdoor class

For more info and bookings get in touch with me here 🙂

Much 💛

Astral insights, classes

This week’s yoga and astral insights

Dear yogis and yoginis,

We had a blast on our Summer Solstice Yoga and Sound Bath last Saturday, celebrating this beautiful time of the year where the light is at its highest point. Do not worry if you missed this, we will keep you posted for our next one, the Autumn Equinox! But who wants to start thinking about the autumn when the summer is here! (is it?).

This week’s yoga

Wednesday, 7-8.15pm – Open Level @ Upper Hocking Hall, WPCA

Thursday, 10-11.15am – Open Level @ Goldendoor studio

Saturday, 11am-12.15pm – Wild Yoga at Whittington Park

Get in touch to book your mat.

Astral insights

Hello it’s eclipse season! Lets get ready!
We have a total solar eclipse on July 2nd followed by a partial lunar eclipse on July 16-17th…

What does this all mean?

A total solar eclipse happens when the Moon comes between the Sun and the Earth at the right angle and alignment to cover the whole of the Sun’s surface. In this particular eclipse the Sun is on Cancer. Cancer is the sign of the home, where we feel secure and grounded be it our physical home or the ways we have identified with creating a home. An eclipse brings changes to those affected so this may mean a literal change of home or a change of our meaning of home, changing our approach to creating a home, a different way of feeling that security… A Solar eclipse is usually linked to new beginnings.

A lunar eclipse happens when the Earth comes in between the Sun and the Moon. in this case we have a partial lunar eclipse in Capricorn. A Solar eclipse always comes followed by a lunar eclipse – note that Capricorn is the sign right opposite Cancer, as the Sun and the Moon are in opposition (the Sun is still in Cancer). Capricorn is the sign of family and career, so to those affected there may be changes in these areas of life. Lunar eclipses are usually linked to releasing and letting go.

Here’s last week’s mantra from Kaypacha:

Sometimes I simply need to withdraw,
From the madness going on,
To create, protect, and hold the space,
Of my peaceful, loving home.

Introspection and finding answers inside, best to use this time to prepare for the eclipse season and smoothly welcome any coming changes. You can watch the whole report here


Much 💛

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New Moon Ritual and Meditation

We are approaching a new moon in Gemini. Gemini is an air sign, ruled by Mercury, the messenger of the Gods. Mercury deals with our day to day communication and how we express ourselves. It also touches on travel, the internet and all things techy as they are closely linked to networking.

Join us in an hour of breath work, meditation and ritual to prepare our intentions for this new moon. 
We will clear the last of the cobwebs to clearly see our truth and welcome the new! 
Please RSVP via Contact page as spaces are limited.
Suggested donation £6.
Astral insights, classes

This week’s yoga and astral insights 6.4.2019

Sacred Fire

Last week we celebrated Beltane to mark the beginning of summer, we worked through the union of opposites bringing forth our Sacred Fire to carry us all the way up to the Summer Solstice. How beautiful to share this with so many of you – thank you for joining us on this journey 💚

We will be putting together our Summer Solstice celebration very soon – keep your eyes peeled for updates 🙂

This week’s yoga

Classes are running as usual this week:

Wednesday 7.00pm – 8.15pm – Candle lit yoga flow
Open Level yoga: For those wanting a mid-week tune up. This is a fairy light, candle lit class that will send you to dream land feeling completely relaxed and replenished to continue the week at your best! Suitable for all levels.

Saturday 11am – 12:15pm – Uplifting yoga flow
Open Level yoga: Start the weekend with this energising class, balancing the energies after the working week so you feel brand new to enjoy a well deserved break! Suitable for all levels.

Astral insights

The new moon in Taurus last Saturday opened up a window in which we may be challenged to change old security structures which are no longer serving us. This could be in relationships (carrying it from the last two full moons in Libra), our relationship with money or our work. We are being challenged to ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’.
Yes, this old ways worked in the past, perhaps for years, and we feel comfortable acting a certain way as we ‘know the outcome’ – but is this the outcome we wish for or are we keeping ourselves trapped in these cycles?
One thing is very clear: f we don’t change the way we do things the results won’t change either. Start small, one step at a time. Give it a go! A little risk from your part can bring in growth and you may be surprised of the outcome 🙂

Here’s the mantra for the week:

I am being measured,
I’m not quite sure what for,
But I know that deep within, 
There really is much more.

You can watch Kaypacha’s pele report here

I will see you on the mat very soon I hope!

Much 💚