Summer Solstice Yoga and Sound Bath

Summer Solstice is fast approaching and we are mega excited to be celebrating this part of the cycle with some of you on our first ever day-time event!

Please note this event will take place instead of my regular yoga class, so there’ll be no regular class on Saturday June 22nd.

Looking forward to celebrate the bright side of the year with as many of you as possible.

Much 💛


Astral insights, classes

This week’s yoga and astral insights 29.04.19


Beltane Yoga and Sound Bath – last few spaces!

It’s not too late if you’d like to join us for our event on May 1st. For bookings and more info click here

This week’s yoga

Note that there is no regular class this coming Wednesday due to Beltane Yoga and Sound Bath. This event will start at 19.30 – book via the Contact form

Saturday class as usual, 11am-12.15pm

Astral insights for the week

Most times the only thing stopping us from blooming is our own self-limiting conditionings / beliefs. ‘Lets slay them!’ I hear you say. Yes, sure! I also gotta tell you it’s easier said than done. Just because the some of those conditionings are sooo deeply engrained in us that it takes a hell of a lot of work and painful acceptance of things we don’t even wanna look at… But guess what, there is help at hand. Healing can speed up this process and I am now offering free taster healing sessions to my followers and students. Interested? Drop me a message and I will be happy to answer any questions 🙂

In the meantime I leave you with Kaypacha’s report for the week:

When it all gets serious and I get afraid,
I have to go out of my mind,
And realize it’s a test of faith,
And I am One with the Divine.

You can watch the whole report here.

Much 💚

Astral insights, classes

This week’s yoga and astral insights :)

Dear yogis and yoginis,

We are approaching Beltane and there is this blooming fire in the air… literally, we had our favourite ball of fire shining on the whole bank holiday weekend, some much needed vitamin D! I hope you all had a wonderful break and got to practice some yoga in the sunshine.

We had a fantastic pink blue moon at 29 degrees of Libra on Friday and wasn’t it powerful and massive! The energy of the full moon can be felt from about 5 days before and until 5 days after so we are still under the influence of ‘lunacy’ – the moon affects our feelings so it is important to check how we feel in the different cycles and learn how to work with these. A full moon is great for letting things go, forgiving, closing things up and can bring clarity to our minds and hearts while a new moon is great for planning and planting our wishes so they grow as the moon swells.

This week’s yoga:
  • Wednesday 7-8.15 pm:
    Open Level yoga: For those wanting a mid-week tune up. This is a fairy light, candle lit class that will send you to dream land feeling completely relaxed and replenished to continue the week at your best!
    Suitable for all levels.
  • Saturday 11am – 12:15 pm:
    Open Level yoga: Start the weekend with this energising class, balancing the energies after the working week so you feel brand new to enjoy a well deserved break!
    Suitable for all levels.
Classes are held at the sunny Upper Hocking Hall, Whittington Park Community Association, Yerbury Road, N19 4RS
Astral insights:

Uranus moved into Taurus yesterday after being in Aries since 2011. This brings a huge shift in energy. Uranus in Aries brought us to research and absorb information. Now Uranus in Taurus wants to get things done, take risks and find new ways of doing life!Taurus is an earth sign, ruled by Venus, the planet of pleasure and femininity. Uranus brings in change and this might affect our economy, anything to do with beauty, our approach to working and material issues. We might see a rise in matriarchy over patriarchy. And fast! Uranus loves to throw curveballs at us but bear in mind it will all be for our highest good and to put us in our true path – so we must try not to resist and adapt as much as we can – it’ll all make sense in the end!

Here is the mantra for the week:

I’m done with dreaming and spacing out,
I gotta get down to work,
‘Cuz I want to see, touch, taste, and feel,
A whole new planet earth.

You can watch the whole astrology report  here

Enjoy and see you on the mat very soon!

Astral insights, classes

This weeks yoga and astral insights

Dear yogis and yoginis,old-door-knobs-unique-vintage-door-handles-close-that-doors-vintage-doors-and-door-knobs

They say as one door closes another one opens – but don’t we all dread those in-between moments where there are no doors to be seen aside from the one we just shut!

We are at the end of a cycle now, end of Pisces, lots of planets coming up to Neptune, the home of dreams, magic and mystic. Neptune teaches us about our illusions and pushes us to deal with dis-illusion – sometimes these are tough lessons to digest… who wants to see their beautiful sand castle fall apart?

Disillusion is no fun, although isn’t it empowering to be able to put the cards on the table and deal with the reality of things face on? Not having to make ourselves bigger or smaller but just showing up as we really are, leaving our own ‘illusions’ behind. This is a moment to come to terms with reality and find truth within ourselves, our relationships, our life meaning and purpose.

Thankfully, parting with these dreams and illusions we created means that we will have new fresh space to start from scratch and rebuild, new dreams, new ways, new eyes… It is never too late to start again. The closer to our core we are, the easier our path will be, so this is fruitful work to be done!

This week’s yoga

Wednesday 7-8.15pm
Open Level
Upper Hocking Hall (WPCA), Yerbury Road, N19 4RS

Note that there are no classes this Saturday due to the Easter break

Here is Kaypacha’s mantra for the week… Inhale, aaaaaand… go!

The death of innocent illusion,
Makes it hard to believe again,
But dream I will and with work and faith,
Be triumphant in the end.

Dream on!!!

You can watch the full report here

Enjoy and see you on the mat very soon

Much 💚


This week’s yoga :)

… and last week’s astral insights, oops!


Dear yogis and yoginis,

Equinoxes are times to strive for balance and during this period we feel the energy rising as the sun starts shining a bit longer. Our bodies though go through that last bit of detoxing and getting rid of wintery stuff and therefore sometimes energies conflict and we get ill as we want to run faster than we actually can! So apologies for my lack of e-mail last week – I had to recover from my own conflicting energies as I got overexcited with new projects and ideas!


This week’s yoga:

+ Wednesday – Open Level – 7-8.15pm
WPCA, Upper Hocking Hall

+ Thursday – Open Level – 10-11.15am
Goldendoor Studio

Please make sure you book with me for these two classes!

Note: There’ll be no Saturday classes this week and the Complete Beginners (5/5) has been postponed to next Saturday. Apologies for any inconvenience.


Thanks to all who came to our Spring Equinox Yoga and Sound Bath – it was super magical and we all left recharged and ready for Spring! I wrote a little blog post about it  and you can read it here




These were the astral insights for last week – sometimes it’s good to look at these in retrospection as they may explain why we felt a certain way or just make sense of what has happened to us this week 🙂

I call to Spirit from the depths of my soul,
Wanting to see, to feel and hear you more.
I will make space and time each day,
To invite Spirit in and beg you stay.

You can watch the whole report here

✺ Enjoy and I hope to see some of you on the mat tonight or tomorrow ✺

Much 💚