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This week’s yoga and astral insights

New moon in Libra & Mercury retrograde

This week starts with some beautiful, expanding alignments in the sky (such as Jupiter squaring the Sun), bringing in a feel-good vibe to the usually dreaded Monday.

Tuesday evening Mercury goes into stationary mode, just before going retrograde until November 3rd. This whole retrograde period, Mercury will go from Scorpio to Libra and back to Scorpio. This is a great time to go inwards (deep —> Scorpio) , looking at our communication patterns and outdated beliefs tin our relationships (Libra) , doing a deep-clean and changing those which are damaging our relations. This energy is even stronger right now as, at the beginning of its retrogradation, Mercury is stationary for a few days.

Continuing with the theme of relationships, Mars retrograde in Aries squares the Sun in Libra (Mars=Yang vs. Sun=Yang). The Sun in Libra wants harmony, balance and justice (at a collective level) while Mars retrograde in Aries is stepping back, looking for a change in conduct in regards to present events. There has to be a compromise to this change. This could be you squaring up to those old behaviours and patterns and realising how much damage these could do to a current important and cherished relationship. This may come with the realisation that you treat others the same way you treat yourself.
As not all of us are at the same level of awareness right now, some may struggle and will be fighting with themselves and within their relationships. Only by taking conscience and being aware of our own patterns of behaviour we will be able to exit some unhealthy cycles in relationships.

On Friday we have a new moon in Libra, which, amongst so many aspects in tension, may feel a little like a push, a forced new beginning – whether we learn our lessons or not. The blackmooning period – from now till the new moon – together with Mercury stationary, is a perfect time to stop and go within, journal, search for meaning, nourish your mind and soul and dive deep into the darkness to find your inner light.
Your soul knows where the answers lay, so just sit back and relax.

Tonight’s Moon Flow Yoga will prepare you for this blackmooning period, allowing you to lay back and open to that unknown scent of darkness, awakening your inner senses to reveal that which your sould deeply knows. Join us for this evening’s class, which will end in a Black Moon Yoga Nidra guided meditation, leaving you ready to enjoy a great night’s sleep where your dreams may reveal those answers to you.
You can book for this class here.

Wild Yoga will be ON this Saturday and it will be matless. I will be leadind a standing practice so you stay warm and grounded, increasing mobility, strength and flexibility as well as balance. Bring some sport, supportive trainers and layers.
You can sign up for class here.

I look forward to seeing you on the mat or the grass very soon!

Much 💙

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This week’s yoga and astral insights 24.02.20

Dear yogis and yoginis,

Today marks the exact midpoint of this Mercury retrograde in Pisces – run away and hide! Mercury retrograde has acquired pretty bad rep – failed communications, failed travel, failed connections… But what Mercury retrograde is really offering us is another chance – an opportunity to stop and recalibrate. If we take it for what it is and work with this energy instead of trying to push through with our own (generally busy) agenda, we can find true hidden treasures! Pay attention to your dreams. Meditate. Go out for a walk in nature. Rest a little more…

As new structures are trying to come into place, it is normal to feel a bit (or a lot!) confused during this Mercury retrograde in Pisces (dreams, emotions, water, intuition) – this is our chance to (re)find our truest ideas, perhaps some of which came to us long ago and had to be parked aside due to limiting conditionings we had back then. Well, now is the time to reflect on those, dust them out and see if they are still true to who we are.

There are a couple of sextiles coming close to the weekend. The first one is a Mercury retrograde in Pisces sextile to Mars in Capricorn. Mars in Capricorn has a very sensual energy, and calls for us to be true to ourselves through our intuition (Mercury retrograde in Pisces). This could mean synchronicities and people from the past coming back in to our lives, be it past lovers or ex-partners who could support said ideas. If this is the case then it could be the right time now to find the new structures to ground those dreams and ideas.

The second sextile happens on Friday, Mercury retrograde in Pisces sextile Venus in Taurus. This is a great time to end addictions and patterns which no longer serve us, such as toxic relationships.

As Mercury retrogrades in Pisces there is a double edge of confusion as we will have to tune in and discern whether that synchronicity or person from the past is here to stay or whether it is a toxic pattern we need to put an end to… So have fun working this one out!

This week’s yoga

7:30pm – Level 1 Beginners Yoga

7pm – Level 2 Improvers Yoga

9:30am – Complete Beginners (week 5/5)
11am – Open Level Yoga

You can book your classes  here.

Looking forward to seeing you on the mat soon!

Much 💜

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New moon in Capricorn and total solar eclipse

New moon in Capricorn
and total solar eclipse

Dear yogis and yoginis,

Today we have a total solar eclipse and a new moon in Capricorn in the south node at 20.16 London time. Solar eclipses always happen in new moons as the moon blocks the entire surface of the sun.

As the Sun rules Leo and Leo rules the solar plexus, this is a great time to work on heart openers, not just in our yoga practice, but in our life experiences. This will allow us to ‘feel’ or ‘sense’ in our plexus, manipura, our inner sun, in order to raise our vibration.
What makes your heart race out of excitement, connection and pure bliss tingling all over? Yes, that is what you should be doing today! I just happen to be going to see one of my favourite bands tonight which I know for sure will raise my vibration and open my heart. In fact, just thinking about it is doing the job already! You can listen to them here.
Whatever it is you are doing, take it easy, the energy’s lower in new moons and these eclipses are powerful.

Eclipse season started June 3rd and will end on July 31st. Pay attention to what is happening around you and the people you meet. People we meet in eclipse season are key people, they will bring valuable lessons and/ or key information for us, especially if we meet them close or on the day of the eclipse.

Mercury went retrograde yesterday – those dreaded words! This is actually a good thing during eclipse season as we get a chance to quiet the monkey mind when all external communications go haywire. Take this opportunity to connect with your intuition and get some insights from the solar plexus and heart instead of the mind. Your gut ‘knows’ stuff your mind cannot even start to comprehend.

Leo energy is on the rise: yesterday Mercury went into Leo and today Mars also goes into Leo after not visiting its own sign for two years… We may be feeling the change but the change is not here yet. We may feel we have outgrown something in our life and even though we cannot see a way forward, or if we can, we still don’t know how we will get there; we are wanting this change right now! Yes, once more we are being tested… how much do we need / want this change? Are we ready to take responsibility for ourselves and what is coming? We still have a little while to ‘feel’ this as Leo season is not till August. Make yourself comfortable in the discomfort. Tune inwards for the whole month of July. Mercury goes direct July 31st, which is also the end of this eclipse season. Take your time and wait for papa Lion energy roaring out in a month’s time, propelling us forwards after a good break for reflection.

This eclipse follows up last year’s eclipse around this time… what decisions / changes did you take / do around this time last year? Remember eclipses happen in the moon nodes and nodes are linked with our soul contracts. We find eclipses uncomfortable because they bring in huge changes, changes that will affect our future – eclipses drag us to our life purpose not looking at our 3D wants or needs. This may seem chaotic and impossible, but remember that what we can see and feel in 3D is about 1% of what is actually happen. The Universe’s got your back! Flow with the changes and allow your heart to grow.

Much 💛