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Transitioning into full opening of the Glass House studio

Dear yogis and yoginis,

It has been a while! We have been cocooning in the Covid bubble and teaching via Zoom for what seems forever now!

First of all I’d like to thank those who have supported me and my business through these tough times 🙏. We managed to work via Zoom and build new dynamics and routines. You’ve been incredibly supportive and flexible, ready to try new things and ways of doing them. Your feedback is always so valuable!

Allowing and adapting to change is incredibly beneficial for the brain. Everytime we learn something new and different we build new neuropathways, increasing the white matter in the brain. So, as we grow older – or wiser, as I like to call it – it is very important to keep the learning and adapting going 🤓


From now to the end of June: there are 1 or 2 in person spaces (if you are in a bubble). If the weather is good we will have 2 extra spaces in the garden! Drop me an email or message to book these as it is tricky for me to put them through the booking system.

From the end of June onwards: spaces will go back to 6 as previously, available for booking through the booking system.
Classes are now Wednesday evening at 7pm and Saturday mornings at 10am. I will be adding more classes as students return to the studio and will keep you updated! There are also other courses and workshops coming soon, including a 4 week course exploring the concept of IKIGAI and practical tips on longevity. I will send a separate email with info on this but you can register your interest by replying to this email.

Flowing with change I have decided I will be live-streaming classes from the studio. This is so you guys have options and, if there were to be another Covid wave we are all set – now that some of you have your own props we can easily do this! If any of you need bolsters / mats / blocks / bricks / belts / eyebags —–> I am giving some away and selling some others at very affordable prices. Freebies and prop’s prices at the end of this email


Zoom classes – £10
In person classes @ The Glass House studio – £15
Wild Yoga @ Whittington Park – £10

Monthly subscription £50 – valid for all classes (online, in person and Wild Yoga) unlimited

In person 6 class pack – £75 (valid for two months and studio classes only)


I only have a few of each and they’re in great condition:

– Mats £10
– Belts £5
– Bolsters £30 (these are extra long bolsters)

Free belt, block or brick when you buy a mat or a bolster 😍

In the meantime, you can book for tonight’s Eclipse Special class here.

Much 💛

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This week’s yoga – Live streamed classes are ON from Monday!

Dear yogis and yoginis,

After a week of testing technology and brainstorming ways to keep teaching during lockdown, I am glad to say we have a new ‘normal’ coming from this week!

These are the changes I have implemented so I can keep bringing you yoga during this period of lockdown:

  • Class prices have temporarily changed to £10 for a drop in class or £50 unlimited classes for a month. The unlimited yoga subscription includes attendance to any new weekly classes, including the ‘Restorative and Yoga Nidra’ workshop. I will be posting tips, freebies and more in my blog and facebook pages, so feel free to follow these!
  • I understand that some of you may be struggling financially at the moment and if so, please do get in touch and I will be happy to make an arrangement with you. We all need yoga at this time to stay calm, healthy and focused! So please don’t be shy to ask as I would ideally like to keep everyone in the loop 🙂
  • Those of you with credits please get in touch with me and I will go through the options I can offer you
  • I am introducing a less than 1/2 price offer of one-to-one online yoga sessions during this period (normally £70 p/h, now £30 p/h). You can book a slot in the booking system or if you don’t find slot which suits you, get in touch with me.

How to set up for the live streamed yoga classes:

  1. Download Zoom here
    For best results we recommend to use a laptop or tablet and to use a strong, stable internet connection
  2. Position the laptop or tablet so we can see you both sitting and standing, this way we will be able to interact in the same way we would in a face to face class
  3. You will receive the Zoom meeting ID and password at least 1 hour before the start of the class.
  4. Please connect at least 10 minutes early so we can begin on time. We’re looking forward to seeing you!

You can book your classes or purchase the unlimited subscription here (the unlimited subscription will come as an option when you try to book any class).

I look forward to more yoga and ready to embrace change with all of you to turn what seems like a difficult time into a transition to a much better place.

Much 💙