This week’s yoga :)

… and last week’s astral insights, oops!


Dear yogis and yoginis,

Equinoxes are times to strive for balance and during this period we feel the energy rising as the sun starts shining a bit longer. Our bodies though go through that last bit of detoxing and getting rid of wintery stuff and therefore sometimes energies conflict and we get ill as we want to run faster than we actually can! So apologies for my lack of e-mail last week – I had to recover from my own conflicting energies as I got overexcited with new projects and ideas!


This week’s yoga:

+ Wednesday – Open Level – 7-8.15pm
WPCA, Upper Hocking Hall

+ Thursday – Open Level – 10-11.15am
Goldendoor Studio

Please make sure you book with me for these two classes!

Note: There’ll be no Saturday classes this week and the Complete Beginners (5/5) has been postponed to next Saturday. Apologies for any inconvenience.


Thanks to all who came to our Spring Equinox Yoga and Sound Bath – it was super magical and we all left recharged and ready for Spring! I wrote a little blog post about it  and you can read it here




These were the astral insights for last week – sometimes it’s good to look at these in retrospection as they may explain why we felt a certain way or just make sense of what has happened to us this week 🙂

I call to Spirit from the depths of my soul,
Wanting to see, to feel and hear you more.
I will make space and time each day,
To invite Spirit in and beg you stay.

You can watch the whole report here

✺ Enjoy and I hope to see some of you on the mat tonight or tomorrow ✺

Much 💚



Spring Equinox Yoga and Sound Bath 2019


Last Wednesday March 20th we celebrated the Spring Equinox coupled with quite an awesome alignment: a supermoon in Libra during Mercury retrograde… woop!!!

The Spring Equinox starts the new astrological year. We finish all of our inward work:  we planted our seeds during Imbolc and made sure our roots grew nice and strong. This is our last chance to check in with all honesty and see if there are any obstacles which may still be hindering our intentions. When Ostara comes we break through to the outside world and our first little shoots start to show. Day and night are equal length and from now onwards light prevails.

The energy of this time of year can be quite conflicting as we are drawn to jump into the new,  with the sun shining a little more, while our bodies and minds go on a detox party – this is why illness is quite common at this time. Our bodies need rest while they detox as they’re pumping toxins out. The important task to be in our bodies and listen to them comes to play here and this is why we bring our Yoga and Sound Baths to the community!

The room was filled with creative energy last Wednesday – including an unintended all female group – lots of creative Ostara enegy! Bathed by the supermoon we all joined into powerful ritual after our practice, you could almost see the sparks of energy flying up to the moonlit sky through the sunroof!

Our ceremony was closed in a sharing circle with yummy grounding Ostara treats and cleansing nettle tea. Our intentions were set and sent through. Our bodies were cleansed and reset. We felt calm and energised. And we shared and laughed with friends – the most important healing of all!

Happy Ostara to you all and see you on May 1st when we celebrate beautiful Beltane.