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Full Moon in Aries – Breaking Through

You may already be feeling the energy of this swelling Aries moon, which will become full this Wednesday. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and deals with our primary needs, survival, the things we can not ‘be’ without. This is the sign of the ‘I’ and it’s ruled by Mars, the planet of action and fire. The full moon in Aries is calling us to pay attention to those non negotiable ‘I’ needs and to have a proper look at ourselves within relationship (Sun in Libra): What is it in ‘I’ that could be blocking the ‘us’? or, on the other hand, where in ‘us’ am I? Am I being heard, seen? This is the counterpart of the new moon in Libra at the beginning of this month and it will challenge or inspire us within relationship.

This full moon is calling the (fiery) emotions ruled by Mars to come out, the water is boiling, and we must pay attention to feelings of anger, or even rage – how do we deal with this emotions and how can we let them out without ‘burning’ others or ourselves? This fire is wanting to transform something in our lives that is stuck and this full moon is the portal through which this will be unstuck.

Mercury is going direct, but for the next few days it’ll be stationary – an even stronger energy than it going retrograde – it is important to think before we talk, as we could say things we may regret and not be able to take them back. Sometimes it is best to leave the room or go outside if we feel a volcano erupting within – finding an alternative way of channeling those emotions, perhaps through bodywork or the arts, using this energy in a creative way.

How do we take this planetary energy to the mat?

Wednesday’s class we will explore the energy of the Aries full moon during a Restorative and Yoga Nidra class – inviting our subconscious to talk to us while we allow those feelings and emotions to get unstuck in a safe environment.
Sunday’s will be a Morning Flow Yoga class – working with transforming that fire energy into wellbeing, more of a higher energy class. You can book both classes here online or in studio.

Wishing you a fantastic week.

🍂 🍁 🖤 🍁 🍂

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Halloween Special: An Invitation To Change

Every year I go through a bit of a slump when the summer ends, the days start getting shorter so quickly, less time outdoors, less sun, the cold creeps in… Then, suddenly, as if out of nowhere, I notice the beautiful colours of autumn, the smell in the air, the crisp mornings… how can I forget this is my favourite time of the year? Yes, as much as I want summer to last forever, I enjoy autumn just as much – with that feast of colours, how can you not?

Autumn is a transitional season, a preparation to winter. I feel our lives also go through the seasons, and not in a particular order – even though we all may end in winter – our autumns and springs may come and go, allowing us to live through change and transitions.

Living through one of those transitions right now, as an Art Psychotherapist trainee, I am welcoming these changes, allowing new insights, testing and playing as I watch the different disciplines and approaches interweave through my own teaching, my own practice and process. All with the same goal in sight: to allow you to connect with who you really are, with all your colours and shades, so you can live your best life.

Halloween Special: An Invitation to Change

Halloween – or the Day of the Dead – celebrates Death as Transition, Change, Transformation. We see Death as an ending, an ending of a cycle which allows space for something new to arise. Sometimes ends can be scary, walking through the door of transition without knowing what awaits on the other side takes courage. But when we do, when we let go, surrender and stop resisting change, we realise that the door always opens, offering a new chapter, and all things fall into place.

I invite you to an evening of surrendering, play and connection; an evening to welcome transformation through gentle yoga and yoga nidra, ‘pumpkin’ art therapy, a sharing circle and vegetarian dinner.

This event will take place at The Glass House, with a maximum of 6 live participants, Saturday October 30th, price £46 (including all materials and dinner – when booking please let me know if you have any allergies).

Those of you on a membership will enjoy a 15% off the full price for this event!
I won’t be taking bookings through the system for this so please contact me here to book.

Classes will run this week as normal, both online and in studio – book your place here.

I wish you all a colourful and magical week.

🍂 🍁 🖤 🍁 🍂

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Transitioning into full opening of the Glass House studio

Dear yogis and yoginis,

It has been a while! We have been cocooning in the Covid bubble and teaching via Zoom for what seems forever now!

First of all I’d like to thank those who have supported me and my business through these tough times 🙏. We managed to work via Zoom and build new dynamics and routines. You’ve been incredibly supportive and flexible, ready to try new things and ways of doing them. Your feedback is always so valuable!

Allowing and adapting to change is incredibly beneficial for the brain. Everytime we learn something new and different we build new neuropathways, increasing the white matter in the brain. So, as we grow older – or wiser, as I like to call it – it is very important to keep the learning and adapting going 🤓


From now to the end of June: there are 1 or 2 in person spaces (if you are in a bubble). If the weather is good we will have 2 extra spaces in the garden! Drop me an email or message to book these as it is tricky for me to put them through the booking system.

From the end of June onwards: spaces will go back to 6 as previously, available for booking through the booking system.
Classes are now Wednesday evening at 7pm and Saturday mornings at 10am. I will be adding more classes as students return to the studio and will keep you updated! There are also other courses and workshops coming soon, including a 4 week course exploring the concept of IKIGAI and practical tips on longevity. I will send a separate email with info on this but you can register your interest by replying to this email.

Flowing with change I have decided I will be live-streaming classes from the studio. This is so you guys have options and, if there were to be another Covid wave we are all set – now that some of you have your own props we can easily do this! If any of you need bolsters / mats / blocks / bricks / belts / eyebags —–> I am giving some away and selling some others at very affordable prices. Freebies and prop’s prices at the end of this email


Zoom classes – £10
In person classes @ The Glass House studio – £15
Wild Yoga @ Whittington Park – £10

Monthly subscription £50 – valid for all classes (online, in person and Wild Yoga) unlimited

In person 6 class pack – £75 (valid for two months and studio classes only)


I only have a few of each and they’re in great condition:

– Mats £10
– Belts £5
– Bolsters £30 (these are extra long bolsters)

Free belt, block or brick when you buy a mat or a bolster 😍

In the meantime, you can book for tonight’s Eclipse Special class here.

Much 💛

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This week’s yoga and astral insight’s 30.11.20

This week starts with a blast, a full moon in Gemini with a penumbral eclipse today, opening eclipse season.
The energy is usually high around the full moon, which affects us in different ways. Some may feel drained and ‘burn out’, perhaps overdid it; some may be riding the energy wave high up and are able to keep going… How are you feeling tonight?

This eclipse happens in the north node of the moon, so we have let go of something already and this is a time to move forward. We are given the chance to see a new point of view, a different perspective on something we’ve been pondering since last May, with the new moon in Gemini. This eclipse is bringing us clarity after a moment of darkness. We may not notice this today or tomorrow, but at any point until around January 30th 2021.

North node eclipses bring us choices and opportunities. Tonight we are given the choice to tune into our inner knowing, the part of us which knows that we are the ones creating our own realities.

We usually want to charge our crystals and do our rituals during a full moon, but not during an eclipse. An eclipse is a time to be receptive, without any intentions or expectations, allowing the darkness to unfold into light and just being able to see what is revealed.

At tonight’s Moon Flow Yoga I will guide you through a special full moon eclipse Yoga Nidra after and slow flow practice. Opening the body and mind to be able to receive without expectations. You can book for tonight’s class here.

This week’s yoga

7pm – Moon Flow Yoga (Zoom)

1pm – Lunchtime Yoga (Zoom)
7pm – Open Level Yoga (Zoom)

10am – Open Level Yoga (Zoom)

11am – Xmas wreath making workshop

If you’d like to do any of these classes but the times are not convenient for you, I am offering links to the recording of class which will be valid for three days. You can purchase this link either by booking for the class here or if the class has passed you can get in touch with me here.

Looking forward to seeing you on the mat sometime soon!

Much 💜


🎄🌲Fully biodegradable Xmas wreaths 🌲🎄

We are busy at the Glass House making our beautiful, fully biodegradable Xmas wreaths so you can have them ready for Xmas! We use all natural and responsibly sourced materials. These may slightly change from week to week as we make sure everything is used and upcycled. As these wreaths are hand-made to order, each piece is unique. Each wreath’s diametre is approximately 45 cm. These wreaths will stay fresh for over a month if sprayed with water daily. To order one of our wreaths contact us here.

Making your own wreath is a very grounding, meditative and creative practice. Think of a 3D mandala as you build layer after layer of Xmassy colours and textures, not to mention the yummy scents! We will be holding online workshops via Zoom (with a couple of in person slots if the lockdown rules allow!) on December 6th, 13th and 20th. These workshops last a maximum of 2 hours with a short break and you can book your place here.

So bring on the fairylights and the winter fires and the scents of warm spices and citrus – looking forward to a more sustainable and less wasteful merry Xmas ✨🎄✨