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This week’s yoga – about gratitude 🙏🏽

Dear yogis and yoginis,  

Transitions are always difficult as they require an adjustment period – trying and testing new methods and ways of doing things, seeing what works and doesn’t work and keeping it up without feeling disheartened. Tough!
It does come in waves though… Sometimes it takes a complete breakdown of an old system for a new one to be born.

This is why I want to thank all of you who have been loyal to Stay Gold Yoga through these hard times and those who are being flexible through the adjustment period. Thanks to you I can try and test new ways to keep Stay Gold Yoga alive. Thanks to you I can keep teaching and sharing that which I am passionate about. Thanks to you I have pulled through the lows and reached the highs. Thank you for coming with me through this journey from our WPCA classes to the Glass House, from online yoga to Wild Yoga and to a mix of all and beyond! My heart swells with gratitude 💖

Yoga helps you ground through ungrounding times. Yoga helps you to be flexible, not just in your body, but also in your mind. Yoga will keep you focused in times when focus is hard to find. It is not about where or how we practice yoga – it’ll be easier in the quiet, so the challenge of noise is a gift to be embraced for a stronger, fuller practice. It is what happens inside, behind the scenes of this 3D body, which matters; and it radiates through to the outside, to our tangible realm. It is food for the soul.

So our weekly schedule may go through small changes as I aim to teach as many outdoor classes (Wild Yoga) as possible through the summer to make the most of this glorious weather. As the Saturday Wild Yoga was so successful – sorry to those who couldn’t make it due to the number restrictions – I will add a second Saturday Wild Yoga session at 11am if the 10am class gets full. These classes are restricted to 5 students for now so this is my offering to you so you all can benefit from our Wild Yoga at the park!

This week’s yoga

7pm – Level 1 Yoga (online)

1pm – Lunchtime Yoga (online)
7pm – Wild Yoga

10am – Slow Flow Yoga (online)

10am – Wild Yoga
11am – Wild Yoga (tbc)

You can book for class here.

I hope to see you on the mat soon!

Much 💛

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This week's yoga – Transition to LIVE STREAMED classes from The Glass House

Dear yogis and yoginis,

I hope you are all keeping well and healthy in these changing times.
I have had a little time to adjust and think about this all and have come to the conclusion that, as much as the ‘dis-ease’ which is this current virus has disrupted our lives, made some of us ill and ended many lives; this is a a big call for us to finally press the PAUSE button. And keep it pressed for a while. Sadly, not all of us can do this and my heart goes to NHS staff and other key workers who are out there in the front line saving lives and keeping food supplies going, amongst others. This is a time to think collectively, for everyone’s wellbeing – please stay at home and only go out to buy necessities or get some sun / exercise / fresh air (which will get even fresher as pollution levels are dropping!). This way, not only you and your close ones will be safe, but you won’t be helping the virus spread to those who are vulnerable.

I will be doing two live streamed classes on zoom this week – both Open Level:

  • Wednesday 25th March @ 6.30pm
  • Saturday 28th March @ 11am

There is a recommended donation of £10 per class – if you are still employed and feel can offer a higher contribution this would be great and if you are struggling and being affected financially consider these classes a gift from me. E-mail me here to get an invite for either of these classes.

There will be a full Live Streaming schedule coming your way by the end of the weekend 😊

Much 💙 and stay tuned for little tips and updates.