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This week’s yoga and astral insights

Thinking without ‘the box’

The year 2020 will be remembered by most as one of the hardest, most unusual years. Covid19 challenged our sense of security, our sense of freedom, our economy and safety. It challenged our mental health and our resilience. We just wanted 2020 to be over. ASAP.

This is 2021 and little has changed. We already knew things would not change. But this didn’t stop us from wishing ourselves back to normality while zooming our New Years Eve with friends and relatives. What normality? The way things were before. Why? Because we felt safe. Really? Not really, but this ‘old way’ is all we know. So even though it wasn’t working anymore, we still felt safe.

Aaaahhh… Here we go.

The thing is that these next few years are going to shift us forwards whether we want it or not. And, as we know, resistance is the root of all suffering. So we want to shift with the times and not get left behind. Why would we want to avoid our own evolution?

This week Mercury meets Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius squaring Uranus retrograde in Taurus. In English, this is beyond ‘thinking outside the box’, we are now getting rid of the box. We want to expand and grow (Jupiter) our thinking and communications (Mercury) in completely new and untested ways (Aquarius). There may be more news about restrictions (Saturn), but as long as Jupiter is close to Saturn these won’t be too bad, so we will be able to breathe.

In the early morning of Wednesday (5am in London, UK) we will have a new moon in Capricorn. This will be in exactly the same degree as last year’s new moon in Capricorn, allowing a second chace for us to deal with those same Capricorn issues we were facing a year ago but in a very different way, with a very different approach. This is a Sun + Moon + Pluto conjunction in the same degree, allowing for a huge transformation.

Capricorn deals with security, ambition, career, social status, planning… have these changed during the last year? What is security for me now? How do I plan things amidst so much uncertainty? Has my career been threatened? Does it have to evolve and change with the times? How can I reinvent this area of my life? Just a few prompts for a bit of journaling work gearing to this Wednesday’s new moon. Sit and write or record your thoughts and then set your intentions out on Wednesday. This is a great time for manifesting, but in order to manifest our intentions have to be crystal clear.

The week ends with a square between Jupiter in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus bringing in a strong ‘crazy scientist’ energy, mad new technology, inclusion of minorities, new resources becoming available… Uranus in Taurus could be working remotely, cryptocurrency or being caring towards the Earth. Great time to max our creativity in ways never seen before!

This Week’s Yoga

1pm – Lunchtime Yoga
7pm – Open Level Yoga

10am – Open Level Yoga

You can book for any of these classes here.

Wishing you a wonderful week and looking forward to zooming with you soon 💜

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This week’s yoga and astral insights 24.02.20

Dear yogis and yoginis,

Today marks the exact midpoint of this Mercury retrograde in Pisces – run away and hide! Mercury retrograde has acquired pretty bad rep – failed communications, failed travel, failed connections… But what Mercury retrograde is really offering us is another chance – an opportunity to stop and recalibrate. If we take it for what it is and work with this energy instead of trying to push through with our own (generally busy) agenda, we can find true hidden treasures! Pay attention to your dreams. Meditate. Go out for a walk in nature. Rest a little more…

As new structures are trying to come into place, it is normal to feel a bit (or a lot!) confused during this Mercury retrograde in Pisces (dreams, emotions, water, intuition) – this is our chance to (re)find our truest ideas, perhaps some of which came to us long ago and had to be parked aside due to limiting conditionings we had back then. Well, now is the time to reflect on those, dust them out and see if they are still true to who we are.

There are a couple of sextiles coming close to the weekend. The first one is a Mercury retrograde in Pisces sextile to Mars in Capricorn. Mars in Capricorn has a very sensual energy, and calls for us to be true to ourselves through our intuition (Mercury retrograde in Pisces). This could mean synchronicities and people from the past coming back in to our lives, be it past lovers or ex-partners who could support said ideas. If this is the case then it could be the right time now to find the new structures to ground those dreams and ideas.

The second sextile happens on Friday, Mercury retrograde in Pisces sextile Venus in Taurus. This is a great time to end addictions and patterns which no longer serve us, such as toxic relationships.

As Mercury retrogrades in Pisces there is a double edge of confusion as we will have to tune in and discern whether that synchronicity or person from the past is here to stay or whether it is a toxic pattern we need to put an end to… So have fun working this one out!

This week’s yoga

7:30pm – Level 1 Beginners Yoga

7pm – Level 2 Improvers Yoga

9:30am – Complete Beginners (week 5/5)
11am – Open Level Yoga

You can book your classes  here.

Looking forward to seeing you on the mat soon!

Much 💜

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This week’s yoga and astral insights 16.09.19

Dear yogis and yoginis,

While everyone seems to be getting busier and busier and evenings are turning cooler, I am super grateful for this handsome autumn sunshine we are having this week.
What are you grateful for?

This week’s yoga:

  • Wednesday 7pm – Open Level candle lit yoga
  • Saturday 11am – Open Level energising morning yoga

Both classes will take place at the Upper Hocking Hall, WPCA, Yerbury Road, N19 4RS.
Please get in touch to book your mat.

BREAKING NEWS: We are moving!

Welcome to The Glass House, a new home studio opening in Upper Holloway. This will be Stay Gold yoga’s home from October onwards. A new timetable with additional classes will be revealed in the next few days – our Wednesday evening and Saturday morning classes will remain the same.

The benefits of moving

  • The Glass House is a green quiet haven in the midst of the busy Holloway Road. Situated just behind the main road, it looks out to an interior garden, surrounded by nature and calm
  • The studio houses a max of 6 students, so will be offering smaller classes tailored to specific abilities and levels
  • The Glass House aims to offer a unique and luxurious experience. It’s a very private venue, even though walls and ceiling are glass (the ceiling is reflective so no one can see through it from the outside)
  • Just think of looking at the stars during your evening class just before drifting off to Savasana… bliss!

Transition period, pricing and new booking system

The transition period will be the month of October. During this time a few new classes will take shape as we see the demand of our regular students and welcome new students to the space.

As capacity is limited, a booking system will be implemented from the beginning of October. Prices will vary slightly from October 1st:

  • Drop in – £15, increasing just £1 from current price
  • Block of 6 classes – £76
  • Block of 10 classes – £110
  • Concessions – £10 – there’ll be specific community classes available for those with concessions (students, unemployed, low waged and retired)

SPECIAL OFFER: Blocks of 10 and 6 classes can be bought at current prices until the end of September and will be valid until their end by date (3 months for 10 classes and 2 months for 6 classes). Get yours in class or contact me here.

Astral insights

This week, like all weeks in September is very busy with aspects.

We are still feeling the influence of the full moon in Pisces last week. Materialising illusions, dealing with delusion and embodying our dreams. This week starts with Mercury (planet of communication) opposing Chiron (planet of vulnerability) in Libra (relationships). This could mean we could start the week with some communication / conversation to do with a relationship (business, partnership, romantic, family …) which may leave us in a place of vulnerability. As Chiron is in Aries (first sign of the zodiac, dealing with our primal, individual needs) we may react to feeling vulnerable by being defensive. But, with Chiron retrograding we have an opportunity to grow by realising that this is an old defence mechanism and trying a different approach.

On Wednesday, Saturn starts going direct, after retrograding since the end of April. It’s also in its sign, Capricorn, until March 2020 and it wants us to be adults and take responsibility. Saturn is the gatekeeper of our 3D reality. It rules time and space, the material world and the responsibilities it carries. It also rules karma – which doesn’t need to be negative, karma is the consequence to an action. The next few weeks Saturn will be putting things in their place, putting order and making sure debts are paid: not just material but also emotional.
So, our big lessons in adulting are about to start!

I look forward to seeing some of you on the mat this week!

Much 💛

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This week’s yoga and astral insights 09.10.2019

Dear yogis and yoginis,

As the summer keeps fading away and we find ourselves walking towards the winter it is hard not to look back to warmer, sunnier days. Although Autumn starts to shine its beautiful colours, this is the season of change, and change always carries some sort of discomfort.
As our energy starts to decrease due to less natural light and our immune system trying to keep up with the seasonal changes, our responsibilities increase as we go back to our routines, back to work, school or back to the place which we associate with our everyday life.

The ancient science of Ayurveda, links the season of Autumn to the Vata dosha. Vata is the movement dosha, whenever there is change there is a Vata imbalance. Vata is governed by three qualities: cold, dry and light. In order to balance an excess Vata, we need to change our routine / diet to help us feel warmer, more moist and a little heavier as we prepare for the cold. Simple. Where do we start? Read below.

  • Get more sleep.
    Now that the days are getting shorter it is a good time to start going to bed a little earlier. Do this in stages, perhaps 15 mins earlier each day until you find a time that suits you. This way you’ll be more likely to stick to it.
    Wake up earlier also, if possible, just before sunrise to slowly get ready for your day.
  • Slow down and declutter
    Take more time to do things and spend some time reviewing goals and decluttering your space. Think simple, clean and warm. Keep your pace steady though, find a pace which suits you and avoid overexerting yourself.
  • Simple diet changes
    Think adding warmness, moisture and a little heaviness into your diet and avoiding / reducing foods which dry you out and overstimulate you, such as popcorn and coffee. Increase your intake of good oils, liquids in general, avocados, ginger and warming spices, grounding root vegetables (including onion and garlic), seasonal greens and fruits and add some good oils / dressings when eating raw salads.
  • Slow and steady yoga practice
    with longer warm up sequences for colder and dryer muscles. The goal to slowly increase our Pitta (fire dosha) without injury while maintaining a good level of Kapha (earth, grounding dosha). Keep your practice steady by finding a realistic routine you can stick to.
  • Prepare yourself to avoid seasonal colds
    Increase your zinc intake. I use the liquid form as then I know when I need to take it – if it tastes metallic to me, then I know I need it and when I cannot taste it anymore I know I am okay. You can also lubricate your nostrils with sesame oil and / or do nasal rinses to avoid dryness.
  • Start your day with meditation
    Even if it is just for 5 minutes. Sit in stillness in however position is comfortable for you. This will help you start your day feeling grounded and you will find focusing on tasks becomes easier.

This week’s Yoga

This week I will be teaching a slow, warming, steady practice at Upper Hocking Hall, Whittington Park Community Association:

  • Wednesday 7pm – Open Level
  • Saturday 11 am – Open Level

Please get in touch to book your mat 🙂

Astral insights

The most important event this week is the full moon in Pisces during the early hours of September 14th. If full moons are culminations in themselves, a full moon on the last sign of the zodiac, Pisces, is the culmination of culminations. Pisces is ruled by Neptune and the theme in which this full moon will ‘illuminate’ or give clarity is to do with our dreams or illusions.

Last week, I talked about embodying and showing up with the sun in Virgo energy. This moon wants to show us what is real and what is an illusion. Are you showing up to make your dreams happen? Use the energy of the current stellium in Virgo to ground your dreams, or to ‘be real’ and come to terms with the fact that those dreams are just illusions and will never materialise. The answer is within you and how much you want to show up and ‘be’ your dreams. Use the days around the full moon to tune in and check for old conditionings which may be stopping you from embodying your dreams.

The Neptune / Pisces energy is a double edged sword and you want to stay in the right side of this – the dream big, no limits quality. Tune into the Virgo energy whenever you feel you are being pulled to the other side of Neptune – the side of delusions – so you can stay grounded.
Jupiter is still in Sagittarius, and everything Jupiter touches expands so… stay focused!

I am looking forward to seeing some of you on the mat tonight or some other time soon!

Until then, much 💛

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This week’s yoga and astral insights 02.09.2019

Dear yogis and yoginis,

Virgo season is here!
Autumn is starting to show – leaves are falling off trees, holidays are over, earlier nights… We start to organise ourselves and prepare for the transition to winter.

There are many astrological aspects this week but, following the Virgo spirit, I’m going to keep this organised and simple:

  • We just had a new Moon in Virgo, so the Moon is waxing now, gaining light and growing. Perfect timing to start new things, gain clarity and make the most of the energy increase.
  • We have a triple conjunction in Virgo: the Sun (conscience, presence), Mars (action) and Mercury (mind).
  • Virgo is the sign of the body.

This is the week to embody, be present, show up – experience life with your 5 senses. Get out of the mind – test-drive your dreams, learn by direct experience what works and what doesn’t; go out there and talk to people, minimise online interaction and put in the effort to show up.

I will show up and teach you this week at:

  • Tuesday 7pm
    Open Level @Goldendoor studio
  • Wednesday 7pm
    Wild Yoga @ Whittington Park
  • Thursday 10am
    Open Level @Goldendoor studio
  • Saturday 10am
    Open Level @Goldendoor studio

Please get in touch to book your mat.

Hope to see you on the mat soon!

Much 💛