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Great environment!! Fabulous mind, body and soul conditioning.

Sonia Santamaria

Emma is a very experienced yoga teacher, I told her about my injury and she adapted the poses to my ability. I will definatelly go back.. great space, great energy and amazing support no matter your level.

The Whittington Park Cafe

Emma is very energetic, and creative teacher. Her yoga class is like smooth dance when you obtain inner harmony and joy. Each class is never the same, so you always grow in your practice.


Just starting, so all new to me: really loved the class. Not just pleasurable but also fascinating. Definitely got me hooked.

Don Slater

Emma it’s an amazing teacher, all of her classes are different so she keeps you on your toes! She places emphasis on one to one approach to teaching and creates a fantastic energy during class.

Agnieszka Halasik

Emma is patient, kind and enthusiastic about everyone getting something from the practice. I went to my first class this evening and will certainly be coming back. She creates a great energy and I left the class feeling utterly revitalised. Would certainly recommend to beginners and the experienced alike!1

Ffion Williams

I had the pleasure of a 1:1 class with Emma today, after attending a few of her Wild Yoga classes in a local park. Emma is a warm, patient and experienced teacher who seeks to help individuals get the most out of their yoga practise. I enjoy the slower flow of the classes I have attended. It has helped fine tune and get the most out of each pose. I am so happy to have found Emma and be along side a wonderful variety of students at classes.

Katie Joy

I have been doing yoga with Emma for over two years now. She’s amazing. Her deep relaxing yoga makes me feel so good and I always feel like a new women after it. During the lockdown, Emma organised online classes which helped my mental health enormously. She adapts to all levels and listens if you have any pain/ injury. Thank you Emma for your wonderful yoga! xxx

Katie Nolan

I have been studying yoga with Emma for about four years and was so pleased when she quickly made the move to online teaching last April.
Her approach is both professional and creative and the online classes are very accessible to all levels of experience and ability. I would highly recommend you try one of her classes, wherever you live in the world.

Julie Walkington

Emma is such a great yoga teacher. Her classes are fun and friendly, her practice is safe and well informed. She has adapted brilliantly to online teaching and in the warmer months her wild yoga classes (socially distanced) are a breath of fresh air – physically and mentally.

Jen Ross