Wild Yoga

Wild Yoga is a dynamic flow practice in nature – A friendly, down to earth class that will leave you refreshed and energised ready to enjoy your weekend!

Benefits of Wild Yoga include:

  • Development and increase of your inner proprioception skills – Proprioception is the ability of knowing from within where a part of your body is located in space without seeing it with your eyes. This all happens in your brain, and practicing yoga outdoors, with all it’s challenges, demands that extra focus to tune in, thus developing this brain function
  • Extra grounding and wellbeing – the benefits of being barefoot on the ground and feeling the earth underneath your feet are endless, such as ‘Earthing’ leaving you feeling centered and calm. Top it up with fresh air and that so much needed vitamin D, which we need to make the immune system stronger, and you are in for a right treat!
  • Increasing your skill and muscles for balance – as the ground is naturally uneven, you will work those extra muscles you didn’t even know existed! This will in return decrease tension in the body while helping develop neuroplasticity, making you more aware and agile
  • Aligns you with nature – Have you tried to hold a balancing yoga posture in the wind? Does it seem impossible to you? Learning how to navigate the elements is an essential part of Wild Yoga. While we don’t practice under torrential rain for safety issues, we need to be on our toes and tackle whatever nature throws at us, be it wind, heat, humidity… This is why Wild Yoga is always different. This is a practice that keeps you truly alive and in tune with the elements
  • Connecting with others in the community – This is another integral aspect of Wild Yoga: Community. Connecting with others around you and being part of a local family of beings with some common values, learning how to be there for eachother and to be better through our practice.

Classes every Sunday from May 8th @10am. Book your space here.