This week’s yoga and astral insights

Dear yogis and yoginis,
Oh what a week of planetary discombobulation!
We had Mercury going retrograde a day before the new moon in Pisces on Wednesday. New moons are great to focus on setting intentions and new goals. Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, dealing with ending and completions. Mercury, planet of communication, going retrograde marks a period of introspection… We get a pause, a second chance to step out of ourselves and have second look at those intentions. Pisces is the selfless sign, the sign of the soul and spirit, so this period may feel like a bit of a bashing for our egos – if this is the case, it may be necessary to move forward. Pisces encourages us to leave the mind and live intuitively, FEELING instead of thinking, giving our tired minds a well deserved rest. Meditation is encouraged in this period.
Pisces is water + today is women’s day = wonderful celebration of all things creative, the feminine within all of us 🙂
This week’s yoga:
+ Complete Beginners – 10-11am
+ Open Level – 11.15am-12.15pm
+ Open Level – 7-8pm
* All classes take place at the Upper Hocking Hall, WPCA in Yerbury Road
** Those of you wanting to attend the Complete Beginners class please check availability and book with me first as places are very limited. I will give priority to those enrolled in the course and those who have booked in advance and there may be no space for drop-ins on the day for this class
Astral insights:
In the still silent moments of the deep dark night,
Or floating in the water with my eyes closed tight,
I wonder at the mystery that is this life on earth,
And what it is that brought me here and led me to my birth.
​You can watch the whole astrological report here:
Looking forward to seeing some of you on the mat tomorrow!

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