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A New Way to Relate – New Moon in Libra

Author Unknown

This week we have a stellium (a group of more than three planets) in Libra. Libra is to do with balance and our relationships or how we relate. A New Moon in Libra this Wednesday – the Moon is to do with our home, family, emotions, safe place…; marks a new cycle on how we relate in important relationships, be it romantic, friendship or partnerships.

These last two years have shaken our foundations and what we see as a priority now is most probably not the same as it was before. What we need to feel safe has changed or is changing and we have felt or are feeling these changes unfold. As we are finding this new balance within ourselves, how do we address this same balance within our relationships?

The next 6 months – up until the Libra Full Moon in April 2022 where the cycle ends – are a period of exploration to find clarity, first within, and then out in the relationship. It is important that we are honest with ourselves to then bring that honesty out to how we relate. Mercury retrograde, now at the mid-point of its retrogradation, is a great period for reflection, going inwards, feeling things and being able to uncover these important changes from within.

A few other planets retrograding at the moment, such as Pluto (transformation) and Saturn (boundaries and rules) are going direct towards the end of the week so perhaps we will start seeing those changes and new plans or boundaries being set.
A relating re-birth.

We are bringing this energy down to our mat this week by enquiring within to find that balance: ‘Is my practice true to me? Am I listening to my body when I practise? Is my mind engaged?’ There’ll be an emphasis on feeling the poses we practise with a fresh new perspective and self-adjusting those imbalances. This is yoga working for you. Your body, your yoga. I will be guiding you to listen even more now.

This week’s Evening Flow Yoga is a Restorative and Yoga Nidra session, both live and online. As we are ‘blackmooning’ during the beginning of the week until the new moon, the energies are normally lower and it is important to restore and replenish.

Restorative yoga is restful, nourishing and healing – emphasising in comfort and deep rest, allowing the body to heal without interference.
Inducing deep relaxation, restorative yoga will help your blood pressure and stress hormone levels to drop, reducing anxiety and helping you sleep better.
It can also have therapeutic effects on the heart, and on the immune, digestive and other physiological systems.

Yoga Nidra translates as ‘the yogic sleep’ – a deep state of consciousness when we are neither asleep nor awake but experience total physical, mental and emotional relaxation. Even a short nidra can completely nourish and refresh the mind and body. Yoga Nidra is like natural medicine for anxiety and insomnia.

Tiger’s favourite Restorative pose (heating full power!)

Sunday’s Morning Flow Yoga will run as usual (online and live).

Schedule and bookings here.

✨ Wishing you a magical week ✨

Much 🖤

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