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This week’s yoga and astral insights 6.4.2019

Sacred Fire

Last week we celebrated Beltane to mark the beginning of summer, we worked through the union of opposites bringing forth our Sacred Fire to carry us all the way up to the Summer Solstice. How beautiful to share this with so many of you – thank you for joining us on this journey 💚

We will be putting together our Summer Solstice celebration very soon – keep your eyes peeled for updates 🙂

This week’s yoga

Classes are running as usual this week:

Wednesday 7.00pm – 8.15pm – Candle lit yoga flow
Open Level yoga: For those wanting a mid-week tune up. This is a fairy light, candle lit class that will send you to dream land feeling completely relaxed and replenished to continue the week at your best! Suitable for all levels.

Saturday 11am – 12:15pm – Uplifting yoga flow
Open Level yoga: Start the weekend with this energising class, balancing the energies after the working week so you feel brand new to enjoy a well deserved break! Suitable for all levels.

Astral insights

The new moon in Taurus last Saturday opened up a window in which we may be challenged to change old security structures which are no longer serving us. This could be in relationships (carrying it from the last two full moons in Libra), our relationship with money or our work. We are being challenged to ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’.
Yes, this old ways worked in the past, perhaps for years, and we feel comfortable acting a certain way as we ‘know the outcome’ – but is this the outcome we wish for or are we keeping ourselves trapped in these cycles?
One thing is very clear: f we don’t change the way we do things the results won’t change either. Start small, one step at a time. Give it a go! A little risk from your part can bring in growth and you may be surprised of the outcome 🙂

Here’s the mantra for the week:

I am being measured,
I’m not quite sure what for,
But I know that deep within, 
There really is much more.

You can watch Kaypacha’s pele report here

I will see you on the mat very soon I hope!

Much 💚

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