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This week’s yoga and astral insights – Happy Ishtar Monday!

Dear yogis and yoginis,

The weather in the UK is being yet again amazing for Easter weekend. Last year, I was in Cornwall with Tiger, we took a train all the way there to go to the woods and the sea. We were free to do so and lucky that it was hot and sunny. This year we have spent this weekend in our garden. We did not go out to the woods or the park. And we consider ourselves lucky to have a little garden we can spend some time at. Things are very different now.

Last year, as I was following and studying astrological predictions for the ominous year 2020, I couldn’t have imagined what this years ‘huge shifts and tranformations’ were going to materialise as, or even, how they would occur in the first place. Seeing what we are going through now everything makes a lot of sense. The collective is now going through a huge karmic process. Some tough lessons we need to learn and, until we do, this is not going to get any better. Now we are forced to stay home, with ourselves, move into the yin energy and accept that this is all a result of our actions (karma). Move out of the victim mentality. Reflect. Work together as a whole, protect the vulnerable and stay strong. As a collective of humans. Tom Lescher (aka Kaypacha) talks about this in last week’s Pele report (always making it fun and a little crazy!)

This week starts with a couple of conflicting astrological alignments. We have a Sun-Pluto square tomorrow Tuesday and then a Sun-Jupiter square on Wednesday. The Sun is conjuct Eris, goddess of discord and strife. Eris is the sister of Ares (god of war), the feminine which gives birth and also takes life away. The goddess of karma. These two squares can bring in massive power struggles so it is good to start the week well balanced and at peace to manage these energies. We will we doing some great pranayama and grounding balancing poses in class this week. We want to build a steadfast mind/ body while staying soft! Things relax a bit more towards the end of the week as the Sun moves into Taurus (an earthy, materialistic and creative sign) on Sunday, so we can channel our energies into creative projects and if it’s in the garden even better!

This Week’s Yoga

7.00 – 8.15pm – Yoga Level 1, Beginners

1 – 1.30pm – Lunchtime Yoga
7 – 8.15pm – Yoga Level 2, Improvers

10 – 11.15am – Slow Flow Yoga

1 – 1:30pm – Lunchtime Yoga

11am – 12.15pm – Open Level Yoga

You can book all these classes here.

I hope to see you on the mat very soon!

Much 🐇 💚 🐇

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